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  1. So I can’t seem to get a straight answer on this one. What date is used to record the physical? Meaning it’s good for 18 months as of what date? The date initiated, stamped, or when the Physician signs it as complete? The difference in these 3 is about 4 months and would impact if I need a new physical or not. I’ve talked to multiple people such as HHC WOCS, Fort Rucker aeromedical, and the Warrant recruiters and i’ve heard different answers from all 3. My welcome letter says 18 months from the stamped date, but Fort Rucker aeromedical says 18 months from the initiated date however it’s only required to be until the date you begin WOCS not graduation. The Warrant recruiters told me that flight physicals are only good for 12 months not 18 which to me came totally out of left field. I’m probably overthinking this and should just go off my welcome letter but stranger things have happened to me when reporting to schools so any insight would be really appreciated, thanks.
  2. Friday the 3rd. It could be because i’m OCONUS.
  3. Has anyone else AD gotten class dates? My report date for WOCS is 25 August coming from OCONUS.
  4. No I haven’t gotten anything. But it usually takes like two weeks from what i’ve heard. Im willing to bet the end of next week is when they will start popping up.
  5. I just got selected on my second look. If anyone who was NS needs any help with anything just hit me up.
  6. I guess some recruiters were emailed that HRC is going to get it out “hopefully by the end of the week”. And yeah i’m normally all about waiting it out but the time frame given on the website has already passed so I figured it was fair game to call people.
  7. I was unofficially told I was selected today. For those who don’t know their status I would encourage you to call recruiters. From how our convo went it sounds like the list may not even be out tomorrow.
  8. Has anyone heard as to why the list still isn’t out? It’s going on the 7th business day now.
  9. So I was a non select in the AD September board. I got told the same thing when I called my recruiter the Monday after the board. I’m not saying you are too i’m just saying what happened. Good luck though! Hope it all works out. I’m on my second look now.
  10. Yeah I think someone posted the names of the selected from the September board and it was deleted. It’s probably not a good practice anyways. If you need to check a name I would recommend PMing someone on here.
  11. Yeah they have 3-5 business days after the conclusion of the board so hopefully they get it published on the 3rd. That being Wednesday of next week. They’ve been good about it in the past so i’m being optimistic.
  12. I haven’t heard anything. You can try to call your WO recruiter though. Because i’m sure if the list isn’t posted next week before the long weekend their phones will be turned off haha
  13. It will most likely be that Wednesday. They’ve been pretty good about posting the lists to HRC the Wednesday after the board. I think only one last year was posted on the following Friday.
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