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  1. I was selected on the September board. When I went in they had a 09W which is warrant officer candidate and it was option 12 which is US Army Warrant Officer Flight Training. This is what I signed.
  2. It was actually the Tuesday of the board not after. They go over the civilian packets the weekend before the board starts. I was selected and notified the Tuesday of the board.
  3. No those are the most recent. The new use of the Rabin Cone Contrast Test is in the AR 40-501. This is what really matters. Chapter 4 is the medical requirments for flying duty. When you take your flight physical you have to meet these requirments. This is the most recent ar 40-501 that came out this year. https://ssilrc.army.mil/wp-content/uploads/2019/10/AR-40-501-Standards-of-Medical-Fitness-27-June-2019.pdf The aeromedical policy letter tell you what the process is for waivers and what they do for medical issues outside of the ar 40-501 standards.
  4. Here is the aeromedical policy letters. This has all the waiver information. https://glwach.amedd.army.mil/victoryclinic/documents/Army_APLs_28may2014.pdf
  5. The FALANT is no longer a valid test. You have to pass the Rabin Cone Contrast Test if you fail the PIP. They do not do waivers for this as this is the minimum standard. If you are already a rated aircrew they do them on a case by case bases. But for initial flight applicants you need to pass the CCT. Refere to the aeromedical policy letters for this exact standards.
  6. You have to have below 140/80. Anything above that is considered hypertension. You will want to refer to the aeromedical policy letters to see what your options are if you are over that.
  7. Call him! Sometimes when it comes to recruiters you have to keep bothering them. They can reach out and call.
  8. Here is an in-depth video detailing the flight physical. This tells you what to expect for the WOFT flight physical on the civilian side of things. I also faced a few issues as it relates to color vision so anything you want to know just ask. It also has time stamps in the description if you are wanting info on one specific thing.
  9. Yes! That’s awesome. I was a little bummed about how far out it is but that’s just how it goes since the next opening for WOCS is May. Did you get any information about moving dependents down and when?
  10. Swore in today! Feels great. I started the process last September so a lot of work paying off. Not sure of the class number but I go to basic training in Fort Jackson March 09, 2020 and WOCS May 20, 2020.
  11. Thanks man. All my stats are further up on the previous page.
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