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  1. I would have thought they would have some Astars or similar doing it already. I wonder if they’re migrating that way or just going to send the whole mission into UAV or fixed wing.
  2. Greetings all. Growing up in California, wildfire helicopters have always been a part of my summers. My parents live right under the approach to the local airport that becomes a helibase during fire season, and I get to see a lot of external loads going over. But there’s also an odd duck in the bunch most times: A Bell Cobra. I believe it’s operated by CalFire, but it’s job is airborne recon with infrared cameras to find hotspots and map the edges through smoke (at least that’s what my boss told me when I was working as a lookout for the USFS). Anyway, I was wondering i
  3. Greetings all. I’ve been lurking for a while, thought I should probably get around to posting something. So here’s an introduction. I’m not super interesting, but I have an hour of rotary time, 50 fixed wing. Current E3 in the Air National Guard, and working on a WOFT packet as an IST to the ARNG. My aviation goals are to spend my 20 years in the guard, and fly some sort of utility for my civilian job, and maybe move over into the fire world after my military retirement. So there you go. That’s me. Thanks for the nice forum.
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