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  1. I’m excited to start and finish flight school. With that said, I just did 10 years in the Marine Corps. I’m looking forward to some down time however I can get it.
  2. I’m an inter service transfer guy from the Marine Corps. The waivers you need are no big deal. I got three waivers; for my age, my 10 years of active service, and my hearing is out of standards. Good luck! S/F Wu
  3. Yay. It doesn’t help that I’m crossing over from another branch and also an awkward duck.
  4. I can’t complain. I can’t believe my unit bought off on it.
  5. No, it’s not. Being a Captain has been awesome, much better than my time as snot nose Lt. I’m sure I’ll be sky-lined as a CPT going through initial pilot training.
  6. I wish that I was an option, my state is on the opposite coast and my wife and two kids are in school. It got worked out, I’m just getting sent through as a CPT.
  7. Good afternoon future Army homies, I'll cut to the point...I was originally slated to report to IERW this Oct. My State (I'm a Guard guy) is now pushing the date back to January 2021 because they believe it is unlikely my accession will get approved in time by Ft Shafter(I think). Does anyone know a point of contact at HQDA? Up until yesterday, I was told and under the impression that I would report in Oct. I have money set in savings to make it until January but it really puts a damper on things to go from 10 year Captain pay to zero income. Now some background on my situation: I am coming over as a non-rated Captain from the Marine Corps, nine years TIS and would of been in zone for Major this Fall. My EAS is 1 Oct 2020. I was selected by my State earlier this year as well as having my age ETP approved and package approved by the Guard Bureau/Aviation Proponent. I will still be brought in as a Captain on 2 Oct 2020 to avoid a break in service and to comply with the interservice transfer I agreed to. The issue is that with the current climate, it could take up to three months to complete my accession from O-3 to CWO-2 with HQDA. I understand where my State is coming from as they don't want to potentially lose the class seat and want to keep their pilot pipeline flowing while waiting on my paper work to get squared away. Any advice, input and criticism will be greatly appreciated. Cheers, Wu
  8. I’d like to but I’m up for orders: I’ve got a wife and two kids, I have to keep being the breadwinner. We’ll see, my wife and I will talk about it.
  9. I’m officially non-selected. They only took five commissioned officers on this go around. Pretty tough odds when competing against some studs
  10. I just wrote a letter per the format given and got it immediately. I submitted my package a day before the deadline and it got stamped approved a week later. The approval notification and return of the package as board ready took a little longer. The routing to and from takes a bit of time
  11. A txt message from the recruiter. Lol it was a nice txt though. We all can’t be bad ass pilots.
  12. Welp, put me in the pile that did not get selected. We’ll see about applying for the May board or executing orders to another duty station. Good luck to those selected and those waiting to get word on their package.
  13. I hit some folks up. I guess the board is complete but they haven’t pushed out the names of the selectees. They are holding it tight to their chest for the time being. I was also told that the MILPER message may not get released until after the thanksgiving 96.
  14. Any active duty guys get word they got selected?
  15. Do you know if the officer board is done as well? I’m on this board as inter-service Officer.
  16. Good luck to everyone on next week’s board. I got the good news today that my package is board ready.
  17. Call your nearest Guard unit and politely ask one of their CWOs if they would be able to sit down with you for an interview. I got a LOR from a CWO4 after going to my nearest guard unit. He sat and talked with me for a couple hours then agreed to write a LOR. I wrote one up which he didn’t use, wrote one even better than the one I provided. I did give him a resume and a background of my service as a Marine. All these dudes at one point or another we’re in the position of looking for LORs. As they say in the streets, come correct and I’m sure they’ll entertain you. Good luck, bro.
  18. Unfortunately I won’t get a second look. I’m up for orders in January and will have to execute orders summer 2020. This is it for me. I will say that the recruiters I’m working with (Frye and Sanchez) are on point. They’re very professional and quick to reply to emails and answer/return calls.
  19. So my package still isn’t board ready...waiting on age and AFS waivers to go through. When should I panic? I’ve been limiting my calls to the recruiter to once a week.
  20. I didn’t get on the Jan board due to my conditional release not being approved. I’m an Active Duty Capt with 8 years TIS. We’ll see what happens this go around. I hope they take 10 per board and not split the allocation Between the two boards. Good luck, brother.
  21. I get that they’re looking at three different set of folks, I was wondering if there are any commissioned guys on this Nov board. All the traffic and posting I see is street to seat or AD enlisted.
  22. Are there any other commissioned officers on this board?
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