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  1. The WO-1 is actually a Reserve position, and people applying must submit a request to go active duty along side the DA-61. I cannot imagine a whole state not allowing the WOFT program as it is a nation wide deal. Maybe the National Guard does not because it is state funded but Active Duty and Reserves are both federally funded. Have you searched the different recruiting stations in your area? I had a guy come from Louisiana because a recruiting office there said he had to have a 4 year degree (Which is false) and he had a better chance of enlisting one an aviation branch and applying within.
  2. Lol try finding “one that will work for you.” I submitted my guy’s packet yesterday.
  3. I just got off the phone with CW4 of Warrant Officer Recruiting and they are still accepting and processing packets both active duty and civilians. “Yes we still have a job to do.”
  4. I am not at Leonard Wood I just have some buddies there. I got hit with Recruiting orders instead.
  5. I don’t think that is accurate. I talked to th Tuesday and they said they were still accepting packets. I will call now and find out.
  6. I have an applicant for the WOFT I am processing for the May board. When I talked to the Warrant Officer Recruiting CW4 on Tuesday, in regards to this delay, she said specifically they are still accepting and processing packets. Which makes sense because the packet is a virtual PDF sent through email or an online packet submitted by recruiter. I would still follow the deadlines. Recruiters are working form home but we can still set up shop and Submit packets. I’ve been working on one all day.
  7. Are you drilling at Leonardwood? I am 12B and have a few buddies there.
  8. I am aN active duty Army recruiter. I called the Warrant Officer Recruiting CW4 and she confirmed the board has been postponed until further notice. The official Milper message was in process when I called her at 11 am this morning. It doesn’t get more inside than that. My file is in this board as well so I understand your frustration but remain patient and hopeful that the issue will be fixed soon and things back to normal. As of now all DoD travel has halted, including PCS and TDY, however we still shipped someone out to Basic yesterday. And we are processing people at the MEPS. IDK how long this will last or how much further the restrictions will go but I’m sure it is for the best. P.S. idk why it can’t be convened from a distance, it’s literally an online pocket and it’s literally 2020... but that’s just my personal view.
  9. It has been delayed but not necessarily until 11 May. All boards between now and 11 May have been suspended. Suspended boards will convene in later months. So if this shut down ends next week they could reschedule to April. Of course this is wishful thinking, but false hope is still hope.
  10. No they did not. Typed only, and no BN interview. I have the official message if you need it .
  11. Hey man, I would not tell your recruiter until you have been to a doctor to confirm the issue. Your body is generally a self healing organism, however a hernia might require surgery. You will not be able to complete Basic Training or WOCS with a hernia. You do not want to ship to BCT and be discharged for medical reasons. You would be sent home to heal and have to start the process completely over including selection; a hernia requires a wait time because of the severity.. As of now, if you get a hernia, you can renegotiate your ship date because of medical and not have any real issues (Let me confirm this tomorrow). I recommend you could get the treatment ASAP and heal up with no issues.
  12. I have several buddies that have gone Warrant and they all have been promoted to WO1.
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