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  1. It is not possible to be selected while in basic. Once you are selected for 153a you will have to enlist for that job, however you will already be enlisted. This should make your packet invalid. I would recommend asking to renegotiate your ship date till after the March board. Your recruiter’s station commander won’t be happy BUT it’s your future man. -signed the Honest Recruiter with 6 months left... (I am board ready for March also)
  2. I am a Recruiter, and applying for the program also. Shoot me a DM I can get you started in the right direction.
  3. I have a buddy in the NG that went in the WOFT program. He was prior active duty with me at Bragg. He said he literally took the SIFT and Flight Physical and that was it. I am putting my packet together and he did not have to do ANY of that. He is in the Indiana NG though. Shoot me a DM and lets talk about some options, maybe I can help.
  4. Matthew, I am a recruiter in Longview, TX. Not only am I applying for the program myself, I am also processing a civilian applicant as well. Give me a call today and I'll get you on the right track. Its not hard but it is a process so be patient. I highly recommend to get a SIFT study guide from amazon and study up. PM for my number
  5. Congrats to everyone selected. I am applying now for WOFT soon. I have my Physical scheduled already. Also, I am an AD recruiter so if I can help in anyway just let me know.
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