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  1. I also got my report for 3 June 2020 WOCS, 31 July WOBC. See y’all there!
  2. Selected. E7 list and the WOCS list! See you guys there. Congratulations all
  3. just saw today that I was selected. Good luck to all of you, the packet is a pain but so worth it to see your name on that list. Hope to see y’all one day.
  4. Hello all. I submitted for the November board myself. My packet and waiver were approved and the WO Recruiter I got the board ready email from claims That even though I submitted after the July Deadline, my packet was validated and board ready before this last board, so my packet was (allegedly) boarded for September. Not sure if it was or wasn’t since the list isn’t out yet. But if it wasn’t I’ll still be along for the November board. age: 28 SIFT: 64 GT: 115 APFT: 282 Military: 10y TIS, E6, Flight Paramedic with 500 hours NRCM experience, NRCM Flight Instructor Civilian Ed: 2x Associates degrees (Purdue/UTSA) Emergency Management and Health Sciences Physical: Stamped Waivers: AFS (Approved) LOR: O-4 CO CDR, O-5 Ban CDR, CW4 Aviator (instructor pilot) hopefully what she said about getting boarded in September actually happened but we will see.
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