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  1. Sill to Rucker is at least a 14 hour drive. To my knowledge, family can't drive them anyway. Does anyone know if they fly them to the local airport and then taxi or uber to base?
  2. My son is at Fort Sill, in Bravo. Was supposed to have already finished and moved onto Rucker for WOCS. Due to a long quarantine, he's been delayed. He was supposed to be in Class 20-19 that arrived in a couple of weeks ago. He is set to graduate basic now on Oct 2. Does anyone know what will happen with him moving on to Rucker and a class? He has no way of contacting anyone about it and I'm sure no one will talk to me as a parent? Any pointers or info would be greatly appreciated.
  3. Awesome, Congrats to you. Happy Thanksgiving
  4. Same here. See you there. Will there be time between basic and rucker to gather the items we need?
  5. Just got out of mepsĀ  start in june FT SillĀ  anyone else doing same?

  6. Really appreciate the quick answer. That's what I was expecting. Hopefully will get it done tomorrow and find out class number and ship dates.
  7. Question for anyone that can help out. Going tomorrow to swear in and sign contract. S2S. I thought I'd be signing a 153a or a 09W contract but my recruiter texted me to say I'd be signing a 09D. For those that have done the same, is this what you have signed? The only information I can see on 09D says, College Trainee. Any answers are greatly appreciated.
  8. I'll check into that. From what I'm learning, a CAC card will be required before I can do some of these things.
  9. I swear in Wednesday. Some of things I need to start doing, I'm guessing I have to wait to do. AKO account? Other things I need to start rolling but can't appear to do on the net from home. Hope to get more info on all this on Wednesday. Anyone have any insight on how to sign into resources possibly behind a vpn?
  10. The only thing changed was a rework of the essay. Went back and reworked it to emphasize all my abilities and how I have prepared myself.
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