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  1. I can’t really provide any professional advice, but I am going through a similar situation. When I met with the NG, my recruiter and I had a heart-to-heart about my situation. He was super supportive in whichever route I wanted to take, but the route I wanted they weren’t offering. What planted my decision was when he asked me (and I did take a minute to actually process the question), “at the end of the day, do you want to be a Soldier or not?” Because if the answer isn’t a yes with no strings attached, then I shouldn’t join. So I feel like that’s a good question for you too - do you want to be a Soldier? The flight stuff will all fall in place some way or another if you keep fighting for it. But it’s going to be a long 8 years if you join the Army when you don’t truly want to be there. I’m sure you already know about the guard paying for in-state colleges? At least in my state you can double major for your bachelor’s degree (like having aviation as your minor) and get some flight time in before you finish your bachelor's program.
  2. Definitely keep pushing to get what you want. To answer your question - yes, they can access your MEPS paperwork and your test scores. Other branches can access it with a SPF change too. Not sure about your actual packet though.
  3. I’m shooting for Reserves and it’s basically the same thing as National Guard. National Guard wouldn’t really touch my application without me enlisting first (they said it would be near impossible for me to go street-to-seat since demand wasn’t high), but the Reserves will. I’m in the same position as you - I also want to fly med after some time as my main civilian job. If you do the street-to-seat with the reserves, you know before you ever swear in if you’ll be accepted into WOCS. Enlisting in NG is no guarantee and it’s an 8 year commitment. BUT some states will pay 100% tuition for you to go to a flight school outside of the Army with the National Guard - the Reserves won’t cover even close to 100%. So that’s an option to think about as well. If you end up joining NG and don’t get into flight school, you can enroll in one and have your tuition paid. (Don’t continue your bachelors degree if this is the route you want to take. You don’t need it for the Army. You’ll have to talk to the NG recruiter about this because there was something weird about once you get your degree, school funding would stop.)
  4. Would anyone who has an idea of the selection process be able to send me a quick message? I hit another bump and am just looking for a bit of advice. I’m trying to make the best decision for myself, but I don’t feel like I have enough consistent information to do so at the moment. I’m being a ‘stubborn recruit’ ha! By the way, I ended up getting a 54 on the SIFT.
  5. Thank you for all of the responses! My GT is 131. I think they just had a knee-jerk reaction when my disqualification letter came. I havent read/heard anything yet of people having major issues - as long as the rest of their packet is competitive and theyve checked all the boxes that need checked for applying. Im am going to proceed with street-to-seat (as originally planned). My SIFT test is scheduled for later this week, so I will have a good idea of where I stand with that portion.
  6. Hi all. Would someone be able to offer a little bit of advice regarding my situation with the Army and WOFT? I was originally disqualified from the Army for having bradycardia (slow heart beat). I got a waiver for that yesterday, so Im now still qualified. My original plan was to go from street to seat - civilian to WOFT. My recruiting office now has concerns they may not even look twice at my application since I will have a waiver and civilian status attached to it. Their thought is to send me to basic training and have me apply afterwards. My huge concern (and I have been warned over and over again) is getting stuck in a contract that is hard to get out of to go to WOFT. I know this is the route that is easiest for my recruiters, so Im not sure if theyre telling me to go this route for their sake or mine. Are my odds of getting in the same, or will having completed basic training help overshadow my waiver? I know this question may be a bit premature without having a SIFT score, but any advice on how the board operates and potential problems I may face would be greatly appreciated! At this point, Im just trying to figure out the best direction to go. Thank you in advance! Age: 26 (quickly approaching 27) Eyesight at MEPS: 20/70 correctable to 20/20 My ASVAB score: 94 LORs lined up: 1 former Colonel, 2 former WO (not sure of rank yet), 3 military/police/swat
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