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  1. The local CW3 who I’ve been talking to told me that I needed to contact a recruiter, not sure what she meant by this as I though she was the warrant recruiter ....
  2. A Warrant recruiter finally contacted me and informed me that I could complete the flight physical through my Navy flight doc, has anyone gone through this as far as doing the physical through their in service doc. Also before I schedual the SIFT do I need to have my REDD report in hand. Thanks everyone for the help! Brian
  3. Currently active duty Navy, trying to get a flight physical set up. To do so do I need to contact a recuriter first or this something I can do on my own? Any tips from people who have made the switch from another branch would be awesome, thank you everyone!
  4. It seems that LORs carry a lot of weight through this process. For someone who isn't in the army what did you'll do get LORs from a CWO, and did you ready have a LOR typed up for them to sign. Thanks for the tips.
  5. From the guys AD guys who got selected, what was the biggest hurdle? Iam looking at putting together a package, IAM AD Navy avaiation machinist mate for almost 10 years now. Just trying to get some helpful tips on the process
  6. Thanks, so what your saying is I have to wait until iam a year out from my current enlistment? For taking the SIFT and Flihht physical do I have to have any other paper work to do so? Or can I just schedual them?
  7. Hello all, Iam very interested in putting together a package. Iam currently an E-6 in the Navy and have been in for almost 10 years now. Iam 28 years old. Ive been scouring the internet looking for information on how to get started doing an service change. If anyone on here has done the transition from Navy to Army WOFT Iam more than willing to receive any helpful tips and info on getting started. Thanks for the help. -Brian
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