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  1. With my WOCS report date in August I’m praying they don’t implement it until FY22 😭
  2. With the new 10 year service obligation most prior service guys will be ineligible for this bonus simply from time in serve. Do you guys think they’ll update it? I know that’s hard to answer, but maybe this can get the ball rolling in updating the policy.
  3. Overall the experience was not that bad. They say PRK hurts more than lasik simply because it’s like a burn on your eyes rather than a cut(lasik). You are awake the entire time and it takes maybe 30 seconds per eye. You instantly have 20/20 vision afterwards. They give you heavy duty pain meds and generally it takes about two weeks for all pain to subside. Dry eyes & etc will persist for about 2-3 months. (They give you handy eye drops) You will be light sensitive for 6+ months. Personally I still have a huge amount of astigmatism from the surgery that never went away, but consistently get around 20/15-20/10 on eye exams. you win some you lose some I guess
  4. Also if you truly are invested, look for options far far far away from fort hood.
  5. I always hear about $250 per eye lasik on the radio. I really got PRK from the military and it’s definitely worth it. If you don’t want to go that route and there isn’t any ETPs rn then maybe you should wait it out? But if not definitely get the surgery!
  6. Lmao sorry, happy holidays! Hope you get a new**** square away recruiter!
  7. You can complain about it or make it so they have no option but to complete it man. The Army is a bad business, make it impossible for them to deny you. Welcome to the military if you aren’t prior service!
  8. Oh, apologies then. Appreciate the correction
  9. Pm me ur email I can shoot you my resume (selected nov board)
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