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  1. I got a march 10th start date! Looking forward to seeing some of you guys down there!
  2. It should be the next Friday after the end of the board. If you go back and check the old MILPER messages for previous boards its always the following Friday
  3. Sounds rational to me. I'd figure the stoppage in flight physicals would either effect this board of the July board. But who knows.
  4. Where did you hear this? Also is that just 153A packets or is that all MOS's?
  5. How is this affecting people submitting for July board? I'd imagine there would be fewer 153A packets being submitted due to the inability to complete the physical?
  6. Where you a qualified non select for your first submission?
  7. Age: 23 E-5 5 years TIS 11B one Afghanistan deployment GT Score: 113 SIFT: 50 APFT: 293 Education: 16 credit hours/ 3.9 gpa LOR: O3, O5, CW4, CW5 Physical: Stamped Waivers: None I originally submitted for the march board back in January for the march board, had my board ready status before all this COVID crisis happened but now may and march is all the same board. Speaking to the CW5 that wrote my LOR and a recent WOFT graduate they both said the big deciders are your LOR's and how your experience can help support troops on the ground but who knows how it'll all turn out next week! Good luck to all of you!
  8. Agreed, they say the warrants reviewing your packet take 3-5 minutes to review each packet so they can't spend the entire time just reading your summary.
  9. My reccomending senior warrant said my packet looked good and I should be good to go but all you guys are making me nervous lol Age:23 E5/SGT 5YR TIS GT:113 SIFT:50 EDUCATION: 20 credits towards an associates FLIGHT: none LOR's: O-3, O-5, CW4, CW5 PHYSICAL: Stamped WAIVERS: none Both my reccomending chiefs said that my actual combat experience with different airframes would help my chances the most. Use my experience to better help the troops on the ground. My packet is at proponent so fingers crossed!
  10. I submitted for the March board as well, after submitting my corrections I got an email saying my board was being reviewed by proponent. Not really sure what that means but haven't heard anything back.
  11. I’m submitting my packet this week. I’m another 11B like you, not as much tis though. age: 23 E5 tis: 5 years PT:292 gt: 113 SIFT: 50 LOR: company CO, BN CO, CW4, CW5 college: 16 credits towards an associates no waivers and physical is stamped. 1 deployment to Afghanistan If anyone else has had similar stats and has any info it’d be appreciated! Seems like the competition is getting harder and harder every board.
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