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  1. I submitted for the March board as well, after submitting my corrections I got an email saying my board was being reviewed by proponent. Not really sure what that means but haven't heard anything back.
  2. I’m submitting my packet this week. I’m another 11B like you, not as much tis though. age: 23 E5 tis: 5 years PT:292 gt: 113 SIFT: 50 LOR: company CO, BN CO, CW4, CW5 college: 16 credits towards an associates no waivers and physical is stamped. 1 deployment to Afghanistan If anyone else has had similar stats and has any info it’d be appreciated! Seems like the competition is getting harder and harder every board.
  3. I did the paragraph about why I wanted to be a warrant officer, talked about my desire to continue my career in the army, not just get my pilots license on the army’s dime and dip out. But that’s where I drew a blank. Only have one NCOER and it’s not finished yet and it’s honestly not the greatest...... hope that doesn’t screw me.
  4. Got my packet pretty much done except for this form just waiting for my physical to get back from Ruckers. I was just wondering what everyone said in the summary section. The previous duty positions and such are simple enough. Just drawing a bit of a blank for the summary. Trying to submit for the January 2020 board. Any help would be appreciated!
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