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  1. Thank you all for the encouraging words!!! and view on the subject from another angle. I DIDN'T QUIT. Not long after that I sat with one of the part time instructors and told him my concerns and explained my struggles. He has been amazing working with me sense. I solo'd days latter and am now at the 45 hour mark. I am knocking all the practice written exams out of the park and write the TC CHPL test ten days from tomorrow. Every day I go home and say "today was one of the best days of my life" because of a great flight! I love it and Im gonna do what I have to do to make it!!
  2. So I am now almost two months into the rotary Cpl course in Canada. Almost done ground school work and about 22 hours into flying. I have not solo'd yet. the school I am attending for the first time has taken on 10 students vs their normal 6. The instructors are ex-military. I am having difficulties with the ground work and getting through it and understanding some of the material, they are not overly good at working with me as they are very unorganized and spread quite thin between the students. I don't think their style is best for me. When it comes to flying I am making slow progres
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