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  1. Signed up for the FB page. Still trying to find the wo net on milbook.
  2. 502-613-6827. Let me know if they give you an ETA
  3. Called the WO Accessions Branch and the lady there said they're only 2 people that work in the office so that's the reason for the wait.
  4. I feel your pain! I'm most likely going to call tomorrow and ask about it. Worst they can say is to keep waiting.
  5. When did you get your email Patr1ots8? No luck yet for me, hoping it's just alphabetical order.
  6. I haven't received a date either. I did get a reservation for ALC so I really hope that's not the reason why.
  7. Selected First look Age: 28 GT: 114 SIFT : 47 APFT: 253 Military: AD Army E-5, 7 Yrs TIS Military Experience : 15G , 15W Afghanistan Delpoyment Civilian Ed: HS Diploma / 71~ College Credits Certs: PPL, FCC General Radiotelephone, Remote Pilot Flight: Fixed Wings 103 hrs Physical: Stamped Waivers: Moral x1 LOR: O3 CO Cmdr, O5 BN Cmdr, CW3 Aviator
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