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  1. Dear All, Thank you very much for sharing with me your experience and completing the survey. This is very helpful I significantly can improve my knowledge. Thanks to the variety of your answers, I already can say that each company is very different from others. I didn't expected as much specificities. For example : o The number of trainings per year is variating from 1 to 6 o The criteria to find slots are fundamentally variables o Most of you are globally satisfied from the service provided by the training centers o The digital tools used are very different from one company to another. Again, many thanks, and if you didn’t complete this survey, do not hesitate to do it. Each answer is good to have. Best regards Corine
  2. Dear all, My name is Corine. I just finished my studies a few months ago and I have decided to become a consultant in an amazing sector: the aeronautical world ! But to be more relevant, I need to better know the market and the real challenges. For that, I am asking you for some help … In order to have the best overview as possible of the training market in the aeronautical world, I have created two short surveys : One for the Flight ops Another one for the training centers. I would be very grateful if you could take just three minutes to complete one of these surveys. If you fly (pilot, chief pilot, safety officer, flight instructor …) : https://forms.gle/aXSQTAD1HBLDyPFE7 If you work for a training center : https://forms.gle/BvsxDY2GzDRasE5v6 I will collecting absolutely no confidential or personal data and it is anonymous. Thank you very much for your help !
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