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  1. Hey I’m thinking we are in the same class. July 19th is also my date.
  2. Street to seat here, I just contracted and swore in. I ship out in July to BCT at Fort Leonard Wood then to WOCS in October.
  3. Hey guys my recruiter gave me a call and informed me I was selected, second look.
  4. Good luck to you, I know round 2 is a bit more nerve racking and good luck to everyone else here. We’re all so close.
  5. Hello everyone, this is my second look. Age: 19 Rank: Civilian ASVAB: 85, GT 118 SIFT: 52 Education: high school diploma, private pilots ground school Flight Physical: stamped, no waivers APFT: 253 Flight Hours: None LORs: Retired CW4, Retired Army Ranger LTC, Retired Army Aviator Col, ground school instructor, and teacher. Good Luck to everyone on this board, last board seemed really competitive from what I gather, hopefully we all get the best chance possible for this board and I can’t wait to see you all there i
  6. I figured it out just by looking it up on google a bunch of times then letting my recruiter know, it definitely wasn’t obvious. As long as your packet is board ready, it should just be a wait, at least that is the situation for me. Places where you might find more info is the pages directly relating to the timeline as a whole. I’m not great at navigating this site but ill give what advice I can.
  7. I am a street to seater and I never had to go through a in-person interview board. I believe they got rid of them a couple years ago.
  8. Are there any street to seaters who can look and see what the results were and if I was selected or not? My recruiter still has nothing.
  9. Hey, can anyone with access to the results take my name and tell me my results? My recruiter isn’t responding to me.
  10. I’m on for this board too. Age: 18 ASVAB: 85, GT 118 SIFT: 52 Education: high school diploma, private pilots ground school Flight Physical: stamped, no waivers APFT: 253 Flight Hours: None LORs: Retired CW4, ground school instructor, and teacher. Good Luck everyone. Hope we can all get selected.
  11. Hello everyone I am a street to seater. I recently was told by my recruiters that I need to to write a character statement about myself. He said to just write about what I do in my personal everyday life to validate my character, but I have never heard of writing something like this for WOFT. An example he gave me was to mention if I help people around the community and stuff like that. I have already written my essay and gotten letters of recommendations which I feel like already go over what a self character statement would do. What I am wondering is this actually a thing that’s supposed to
  12. Hello everyone, I mostly am a lurker for information here, but I’ve gotten to the point where I’ve put together most of my packet. This is my “Why I want to be a Army Aviator” essay as of the moment and I am constantly going through and making changes as I see fit. If any of you could review my essay and give any feedback, it would be greatly appreciated. “Why I want to be an Army Aviator” Whether it be from my experiences working in hydro seeding, construction and various positions working in a restaurant, or being a competing member of a sports team, I k
  13. So I just need one more letter of recommendation for my packet and I’m talking to a retired CW4 at the moment and I’m wondering if I need a certain formatting for this LOR or if it should just be in a regular letterhead format. Also I am street to seat, I don’t know if that changes anything. Thanks.
  14. Ok thanks, I will probably do this because I can imagine that having a family member do this will look biased.
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