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  1. I spoke to my Recruiter today (FINALLY) and was informed that the MILPER message is stalled at the Chief of Staff's Desk awaiting a signature before it can be published. They are hoping that it will be signed and released tomorrow. Also, I STILL don't know if they boarded my packet! Here's to hoping.
  2. I'll join that party. Here I was hoping for some good news. I can't even get ahold of my recruiters on a normal duty day, so I guess I'll be waiting for Monday.
  3. Don't "Self-Select" yourself out. As others have said, Let the board make that determination. A friend of mine got selected in the September Board with a 43.
  4. I sincerely hope this is the case. My packet has been "at proponent" for Three Weeks, and I still haven't received a "Board Ready" email, so I'm starting to freak out a bit. ------------------------------------------------- AD SSG (Special Operations Civil Affairs) 10y TIS (Need Waiver) 61 SIFT 127 GT 288 APFT CW4 LOR RC AV MAJ LOR -----------------------------------------------
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