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  1. How did you find out already? Are you ad?
  2. 100% milper is out. I have a screenshot of maybe two dozen names who were selected
  3. Can anyone with access give it a look? Pm for info
  4. I have read in several places that names have dropped but have found nothing. Is anyone better informed than me in here?
  5. Anyone hear anything about this boards selections?
  6. Are those selection numbers around the usual for active duty?
  7. Same, pm for info if it isn’t too much trouble. 1/64... let’s give it a shot
  8. Cheers, looks like my first message went through after all. Didn’t mean to take up space, first time posting, didn’t know what hidden meant. I appreciate the information
  9. Similar situation living in the unknown. Anyone have access to the milper list?
  10. Similar situation. No word on anything yet. Anyone have access to Milper list?
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