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  1. Honestly thinking about it would rather do that, then get stuck doing Apache maintenance all day, dont get me wrong no hate on those guys but you are correct being Uniforms and Tangos would be alot better, and as i heard on some other recruiters and such that it would be better for experience to enlist, coming from some WO recruiters who do alot of them. Just been thinking alot today, overthinking as you would put it, and realized that its not always just about rushing things, maybe if i even like being a 15T or 15U i might just stay there, but frankly that would be a better route then just going in as a 15R and not getting any flight experience. I would rather have the ability to do more things and not be limited then just limit my self to only a few options.
  2. Alright thankyou, ill see whats on the options Via tangos and uniforms tomorrow, see if i can get one.
  3. also heard you are able to drop a woft packet after like 3 years if your superiors like you
  4. im just going to go and do 15R build up experience, and working with pilots often and go from there, even then still being an aircraft mechanic is good job on civ side
  5. thankyou! for all the help past and current
  6. thats exactly what i plan on doing honestly now thankou!
  7. ill just wait to woft board, is it possible to pm you to see what i can improve on my packet. i know my attitude is one and being open to critiques and criticism more.
  8. because ive been waiting for 2 years for my woft packet since i was 16, now 18, sit at home all day and do nothing
  9. i understand, looking towards that now, thankyou!
  10. not saying im not listening just passing down the information i was handed, from what im gathering from you guys is to push off this contract, get a LOR from a pilot or two and submit my packet again would be the right thing to do
  11. Oh ok then i will see if i can push my basic date out to past march and see if i can get my packet selected then
  12. this is from alot of reddit and First Sergeant
  13. There are no slots open for 15T or 15U till around august and wont ship till like a month after that
  14. or i could even push off the basic date and just have it right after woft board and see if i get selected then or not and then just RENO at that point.
  15. Because personal situations arose, and there isn't any other 15 series mos open till around august. And if i do get accepted i was told i can re class after basic, im still going to update my packet and make it the best i can.
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