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  1. Thanks for all the help. Sorry I’ll get out of this thread then.
  2. Right. So he’s lying. He literally told me next board 25th of January then have to wait for June.
  3. Thought so too, yes I looked up the board schedule. I’m in Alaska was wondering if maybe they have less boards up there. But I guess he’s just trying to make me rush so that I’ll failed and then he’ll get me to enlist. Guess I’ll just keep looking for a good recruiter... I’m not gonna rush it.
  4. Getting my packet ready for January. Haven’t gotten into anything yet, I’m a civilian. My recruiter wants to rush it for January board, told me next board will mayybe be in June so better for me to try it out for January and then just enlist if I dont get selected, wait for June and try again (yea sure). Anyone aware of a board schedule between January and June? Is he just trying to make me fail to enlist and THeENd.?... probably. Any chance to get the whole packet ready in less than two months? I’ve been studying/training for a while and got some Lors on the way. Just couldn’t find an a
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