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  1. There is supposed to be a milper message coming out explaining the delays, but yes. All sources say the board for this week has been delayed.
  2. Welp. The 16-20 March board has been delayed until May 11th, or until further notice. Fantastic.
  3. I'm just being nosy and slightly curious on if anyone here hasn't made it on the second look or knows of anyone that didn't make it on the second look. I'm going for my second look next month and oo-boy is it nerve wracking. If you didn't make it and had to wait the year, did you still pursue it?
  4. I was on this board as well and haven’t gotten an email. I believe it will take a few days. Best of luck to us on the March board! Lol
  5. How? The official MILPER message hasn’t come out yet.
  6. Names for civilian sure. Just wait, the official MILPER message will come out today, lol.
  7. WOFT gets notified before us. Our results will be out NLT Friday closeout.
  8. I emailed my recruiter yesterday and she said they’ll be posted NLT Friday. I suggest following and enabling notifications for the HRC Facebook page. They usually post a status once the MILPER message is out.
  9. You said another FQ-NS, which means you were FQ-NS twice? I believe if that’s the case you have to wait a year until you can resubmit. I could be wrong though.
  10. Thanks for correcting me, wasn’t completely sure but just figured. You sort of contradicted yourself on that last sentence though lol.
  11. Just the way the cookie crumbles. I suggest enlisting for a while in an aviation MOS if you’d like to serve. Like someone said before, it’s a marathon and not a sprint, which is why most candidates are SGT+ with quite a few years in.
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