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  1. I was in K16 from 13-15 and at the time K16 was the place to be. Not sure if that is still the case, but with it being a small installation away from higher command I am sure it's the same. K16 was amazing and I ended up extending for an extra year. 1) From what I recall, Officers received BAH and could live off-post as well as have a vehicle. Not sure if this changed. If you are living on post, then your rooms are nice with a living room, kitchen, full bath, and nice bedroom. Atleast at the time that was the SNCO/female barracks. 2) Again, if I recall correctly, the hours there are more than stateside and you progress fairly quickly. I could be wrong though so I'll leave that to someone else. I was in COMHAWK at the time and paid no attention to the plebs on the other side of the fence 😂 All-in-all you will have an amazing time in Korea, especially K16.
  2. 2nd packet. FQNS 2020 June. AGE: 28 TIS: Active Duty, 9 years RANK: SGT(P) / 15N DEPLOYMENTS: 0 ROTATIONS: Korea 24m, Germany 8m, Egypt 20m EDUCATION: None GT: 118 SIFT: 43 APFT/ACFT: 259/527 NCOERs: MQ (Latest), HQx3, Q (my first ever NCOER). LOR: BN Commander, Commander, CW5, CW4. Supplementary: 0-4, CW3. WAIVERS: AFS / Medical approved.
  3. I also have gotten a vision waiver approved. Throughout the journey of putting a packet together, some experiences seem to seamlessly smooth while those of us that require waivers and obstacles to hurdle over, you'll be discouraged by what some say. The best thing you can do is to just keep pushing for what you want. I thought my waiver wasn't going to get approved and sho'lnuff, it came back approved.
  4. That one kicks my ass as well. Took me a hot minute to figure it out. The first time I did it a couple of years ago I was fine, but this year it was even worse. I passed though. I'm afraid for my future physicals /IF/ I get selected for school.
  5. Will be my 3rd look. Previous FQNS July of 2020. AGE: 28 TIS: Active Duty, 9 years RANK: SGT(P) / 15N DEPLOYMENTS: 0 ROTATIONS: Korea 24m, Germany 8m, Egypt 20m EDUCATION: None GT: 118 SIFT: 43 APFT: 259/528 NCOERs: MQ (Latest), HQx3, Q (my first ever NCOER). LOR: BN Commander, Commander, Senior Warrant W4. Supplementary: 0-6, 0-4, CW3 (All knew me from my previous CoC -- I am brand new with my current CoC). PHYSICAL: Stamped 1W - Waiver approved for eyeballs. FLIGHT: NRCM for 1.5 years in Korea as a 15N. WAIVERS: AFS ETP
  6. I got mine back within roughly 20 days as well.
  7. I’ll be PCSing soon from OCONUS to CONUS, my current unit does not have the appropriate medical equipment to complete an initial flight physical. My packet is complete with all LOR’s, etc, minus the physical. I’m curious if I’d run into any issues getting one done at a unit I’m not assigned to? Or if I can just walk into a medical facility at any base without a problem. I’ll be on leave near Fort Hood with ALC en-route to Carson, so I’m trying to submit my packet with the allotted 60 day timeframe I have to use my current CoC. Thanks.
  8. I’m already logging in haha, but I know others would love to see.
  9. Anyone have confirmation on whether or not results are coming out today, or will it be next week sometime?
  10. Are you currently enlisted? I see you're posting a few medical related questions and honestly your best bet is to just make an appointment for a flight physical at your local TMC. They may require you to take a SIFT beforehand for a full physical. Wouldn't hurt to just go talk to your local flight doc though.
  11. "The FDME includes body-size requirements, such as a sitting height of 40.15 inches or less and arm reach of 64.56 inches or more." I've seen some pretty short pilots in the Army. Short than 5'2 if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Best of luck everyone. Tomorrow begins the week of slow days turning into even slower days as we wait for the results! ...again. Lol
  13. There is supposed to be a milper message coming out explaining the delays, but yes. All sources say the board for this week has been delayed.
  14. Welp. The 16-20 March board has been delayed until May 11th, or until further notice. Fantastic.
  15. I'm just being nosy and slightly curious on if anyone here hasn't made it on the second look or knows of anyone that didn't make it on the second look. I'm going for my second look next month and oo-boy is it nerve wracking. If you didn't make it and had to wait the year, did you still pursue it?
  16. I was on this board as well and haven’t gotten an email. I believe it will take a few days. Best of luck to us on the March board! Lol
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