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  1. Lol Pendleton always has perfect weather, i was there two years ago for 8 years, been over here in good old North Carolina for the last two years. Surprisingly warm. I would entertain the Mass one but never want to go back to CT. Deep inside we (as in my wife and 3 kids) want to go back to California, I spoke with the recruiter form ARNG last night CW2 Dieu and pretty much clarified a ton of questions I had for him. Appreciate all the help you all have provided.
  2. I have already reached out and spoken to the CW3 recruiter in California and have a direct line of contact with him. We have been in touch and he has been working with me also. I have been serving active duty in the Marines for 10 years. I am an 0352 (Infantry Anti-Tank Missileman) so this is actually my 3rd contract that is nearing its end, on the Warrant Officer recruiting website it specifically states you need to have "at least 12 month of service left in your contract when applying" which I have 18 months left, and I have spoken to my leadership and my CO, they have said they will back me
  3. Great point! I thought I should leave that on the back burner also until I got my SIFT complete but if im catching what your telling me its get that done ASAP, so I will. If you have any examples of what needs to be done i.e. the resume and other portions of the packet to let me get a better idea of whats needed or just any other advice I would greatly appreciate it. Also, I have heard different things on the topic of ARNG inter-service transfer being harder then going just active Army (reserve in the packet)? Any idea if there is truth behind that?
  4. I have done my research, gone to the Army Warrant website, I have a two binders with all the documents along with there website example of what needs to be done before submission, spoken to a number of CW4's and CW'5 Aviators willing to interview me for possible LOR's, but thats all on stand-by due to me needing to study and complete the SIFT test which is scheduled in March. I don= not think I can do much more with my packet until I get that SIFT score. Physical will be done at Fort Bragg, I will not need any waivers and I can take my APFT/ACFT whenever I want. this is time sensitive and I re
  5. Any current Warrant Officer Pilots that have successfully completed a full Interservice Transfer to become a Warrant Officer Aviator they have any advice for me as this has been a true dream of mine to accomplish and now I have the opportunity to do so.
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