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  1. Official guidance is getting pushed out soon but it’s already been signed (according to a CCWO here)
  2. Well, they’ve done it. Just got a brief today at Rucker that the SEC Army signed the TIG reset for W1’s last week (soon to be published officially). This affects all W1’s who get their wings after 1 OCT 21 (Minus O Grades of course). I won’t argue the specifics of why it happened, but I find that it a little shitty that O grades are not affected. My main gripe is the loss of pay aspect. Yeah it’s a little loss of money over the years but that’s money I could have used for my future daughters college fund. I am personally considering writing to my congressional representatives.
  3. 5 Oct 21 report for WOCS. Wonder how much time you get to go house searching and whatnot
  4. I can help you out, PM for my global. I was selected on the Nov board.
  5. AGE : 24 SERVICE : AD USMC, SGT 4yrs; AD Army, SGT 2 yrs GT: 114 SIFT: 50 Flight: None APFT: 297 EDUCATION : 42 Credits PHYSICAL : Stamped w/ PRK + ETP for eyes LOR : O-3 OCS Selection Officer, O-3 Co CDR, O-5 BN CDR, CW5 CCWO AWARDS : COA WAIVERS : ETP for eyes SELECTED: FQ-S November 2020
  6. Holy sh*t I was picked up First look! Congrats to everyone else and hope you guys make it too.
  7. AGE : 24 SERVICE : 6 Years AD Army, 4 with USMC SIFT : 50 APFT: 297 EDUCATION : 43 Credits toward AS PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-3 CO CDR, O-5 BN CDR, CW5 CCWO AWARDS : COA (1) WAIVERS : None Good luck to everyone! Finally board ready after starting this process since November of last year. This board seems skinny compared to others. Maybe the ADSO is a turn off for a lot of applicants.
  8. Just wondering if anyone could take time to glance over my summary. I've heard so much conflicting information in regards to this part...2 paragraph max, 3 paragraph max, short and sweet, sell your self... Just want to see if I'm headed in the right direction here. My packet is complete and I'm about to submit it but this part has me uneasy. Thanks in advance!
  9. Hello all, I am in the final stages of completing my packet and currently working on my 3.2 resume. As there are no real templates for this, I am wondering if anyone would be willing to read and critique my summary before I send my packet to my endorser. TIA
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