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  1. Thank you, I have my SIFT and flight physical next week. Would you or would you not recommend that I have any LORs from civilians to speak towards my character?
  2. Would you have some examples of LORs you used that you wouldn't mind sharing with me?
  3. What if I don't know any CWO/officer helicopter pilots? How are they suppose to honestly speak on my behalf? Would you recommend I try to contact an aviation wing here in Fort Rucker to setup an interview?
  4. Hi Lindsey, My name is Michael. I am currently a SGT at the 641st EOD Ordnance Company. I am currently putting together a Chief Warrant Flight Officer packet. Would you mind sharing your letters of recommendation with me. I have a handful of people that I plan to get LORs from, two of which are retired fixed-wing Captain's in the Navy, one a retired FBI Special Agent, one an active Merchant Marine Captain and lastly a current Major in the Department of Investigative Forensic Services. Would you also recommend that I try to contact a flight unit in Fort Rucker to see if I can get an interview from a CWO or an officer? Thank you for any advice and help you can offer. Very respectfully, Michael
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