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  1. 46 for both S2S and us AD applicants? I'm going to call my recruit tomorrow and see if he can see the list.
  2. You got a email? I got my gov computer with me all the time. I can send it to you
  3. 2nd year 1st look AGE : 29 RANK : E-6 - 13B TIS: 9 years Active Duty GT : 127 SIFT : 47 APFT : 300 EDUCATION : 62 Credits, 3.8 GPA PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-4, O-5, CW3, CW4(P) DEPLOYMENT: 2 NCOERs: 1: MQ, 4: HQ WAIVERS : AFS, Moral (Approved)
  4. That means I might be cutting mine close. Thanks 🤙🏽
  5. How long did your AFS take? Still waiting on mine. Been exactly one months now.
  6. Hello everyone, This is going to be my second year trying to submit my warrant packet and I was trying to see if anyone could give me on some pointers on my personal resume. It definitely be appreciate it and thank you so much for even reading this post. At the moment I am working on my AFS Wavier now since I just hit past my 8 year mark. I want to be an Army Aviator for many of the same reasons as other applicants - to continue to serve my country as a leader, have a positive impact on my peers and the country as a whole, motivate fellow officers I come in contact with, and fulfill my love for aviation. Through my education and military experience, I am confident that I can effectively coach, mentor, and lead my seniors, peers, and subordinates. I believe my demonstrated leadership ability throughout my military experience in achieving and helping my peers and subordinates achieve success through my training and guidance sets me apart. My skills in gunnery and artillery and the other mentioned skills I gained make me an able leader who can guide others under ambiguous climates and encourage them to be better problem solvers and better employ their creativity. To call oneself an Army Aviator is a great honor and responsibility. I feel ready to be part of this unmatched legacy. I look forward to being a part of the best in the field and continue learning from the Warrant Officers who are subject matter experts in their fields. I wish to become a warrant officer and to continue to influence and lead and serve as both a leader and an aviator. What I can bring is a wealth of knowledge of teaching, guiding, and the attention to detail that will bring the success to being not just as an Aviator but the Warrant Officer Corp. Throughout my time in the Army, I have learned that a good leader must know both when to lead and when to follow. I strongly believe I possess this ability to judge my situation. As an Army Aviator, I will strive to become a technical and tactical expert in order to ensure the success of my mission as well as to mentor others. I accept and vow to fulfill my duties including providing expert advice to commanding officers so that they can use aviation assets most efficiently, aided by my personal experience in the matter of briefing commanders and presenting recommendations. If given the opportunity to become both a Warrant Officer and an Army Aviator, I will be the guide whom officers and enlisted personnel look to for advice and direction. To summarize, doing things ‘not because they are easy, but because they are hard,’ is the motto of my life. I believe that one does not learn nor does one push oneself out of their comfort if something is easy. As a Warrant Officer, I will work my hardest to continue this trend of success, to grow, and help others succeed. I humbly acknowledge that this is a hard-earned privilege granted only to the best and most determined. I embrace this challenge, and the many others I'll face as a leader in the army.
  7. I called and they said they don’t got it. Congratulations by the way. What sfab you in?
  8. I submitted it around end of January and I also had a moral wavier.
  9. I got a message last week for mine to be board ready. Just got to wait it out I guess.
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