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  1. I also had to get PRK to get accepted, and I was really worried about the same thing for WOCS and going forward. Fortunately, I depended on eyedrops less and less as time went on. I stopped even wanting/needing them at all before the 1 year mark. Unless you needed them even before your surgery or have an amazingly fast timeline I wouldn’t worry too much about it. My friends who have had PRK similarly have said they didn’t need drops anymore after about a year.
  2. I was selected this year with no military or aviator references. The advice I saw here and elsewhere was to only include 3 LORs because the board wouldn't bother reading more. I met several aviators throughout the process who indicated they'd be willing to write one for me, but since I felt I already had 3 solid ones I left it at that and got in.
  3. I had around 35 hours as I recall from civilian flight training years ago. As far as I know my recruiter just scanned the logbook pages in and sent them with the rest of the documents. I can't remember if I made mention of them in my essay but I didn't include them in my resume and I don't even think I tallied up the exact number I had anywhere in my packet. I was selected.
  4. This was in October 2019 so very recent. I haven't even gone to WOCS yet, so I can't really answer any questions beyond the initial application process. I did speak to a current Army pilot subsequent to the flight physical with that same question though and he said the pedals and such are all adjustable, and not to worry about my height because he knows plenty of really short pilots who do just fine.
  5. I'm sure someone can eventually answer this better than I can, but I barely passed the anthromorphic requirements at my flight physical at 5'6. I was within 1-2cm for each of the 3 measurements. I asked the flight surgeon what would have happened if I didn't meet the cutoff- he told me it would still be possible to be accepted, but that I would have to travel all the way to Ft Rucker to sit in the cockpit of each airframe to determine which ones if any I could reach all the controls on. According to him, as long as you can demonstrate you can reach and operate all the controls on at least one you are good, but not meeting the measurements does cost you the extra time and hassle of a trip to Rucker.
  6. Thanks everyone for the replies, they were very helpful! Crash7051, I was selected in January but requested to leave no earlier than May so I could graduate from college. I was given an August date. However, another prior Marine selected in January was given a date that was also relatively distant and was able to renegotiate a WOCS date in April. They said it was not very hard to do, since there are always people who have to drop out or reschedule for whatever reason and whoever sets up the dates was willing to work with them. I don't have any more insight than that personally but in both our cases they were able to give us dates that worked for us.
  7. Hi everyone, I was accepted into the AD WOFT program and have a start date in August. I am a prior service Marine so I will not have to do Army basic training. Apparently I will show up at MEPS, get orders, and be given a couple weeks to drive to Ft. Rucker and check in/acquire my uniforms. Not having gone through Army basic I am curious if anyone has any tips on what things I can be studying to get caught up with whatever I should have learned there. I only just realized our general orders are different, and I understand I'll need to look into how to properly wear the uniforms etc.; is there any additional knowledge or regulations that I should be going over in the meantime? Thanks!
  8. Mine was very short and to the point also. Something suggested to me by a current WO was to research the actual qualities and values of a Warrant Officer and include some of that verbiage in there which I did. I was accepted with a relatively short essay so I don't think it is necessary to fluff it up with anything not relevant.
  9. Someone I know was supposed to ship this morning for basic (not for a woft contract though), and got a new ship date in late June. They had already moved out of their place, quit their job and put everything in storage. Apparently that has happened to quite a few people over the last few weeks. Not sure if that would push everybody out or if they're just fitting all these people in where they can and that's why their new date is so far out.
  10. I got out of the Corps in 2015 and just got accepted in the January board on my first look. To me it sounds like you'd be competitive with the leadership you gained from the military already, the degree, etc.... as I understand the AD boards are more competitive though. But you have plenty of time to perfect your essay, acquire good LORs, train to max out the APFT or whatever else you can possibly work on to make yourself stand out to the board. As far as vision, if your current command will let you I'd get the ball rolling on that. My recruiters tried to say vision just needed to be correctable to 20/20 despite what everyone else said so I waited for them to schedule a flight physical 6hrs away from where I live. Started the process and got told by optometry to get surgery and come back in 3 months... honestly, even if i never got accepted I'm glad I did that. I saw 20/15 clearly within a few weeks and have had zero side effects, ditching glasses and contacts has been amazing. My only regret is not having done it sooner. My prescription was much less than yours, like -2.75 and -3.25 if I recall correctly. The whole process takes a lot of time, but if you fix your vision well in advance of the flight physical and maybe take your SIFT now that you are ready to you'll be ahead of the game when you start building the packet
  11. I went to basic in a different branch, but the chow hall served peanut butter and recruits would occasionally get caught sneaking packets of it into their pockets to consume later. If your friend is one of those people who swells up like that girl from Willy Wonka and dies when exposed to peanuts, he or she is in for a bad time.
  12. I'm not sure how the process would work for a prior Officer, but for anyone curious about prior service applicants in general I just signed my enlistment at MEPS today. As I understand I am supposed to show up to the same MEPS in early August and get inspected for height/weight/ still having all my appendages. Then I'll swear in and walk out the door, get in my POV and drive to Ft Rucker for my class date which is roughly two weeks later. They said I could alternatively arrange for airline tickets but I feel like I'd have a hard time collecting all my uniforms and gear I'll need with a taxi. Apparently they do not pay for this move if I do it in this manner- gas and hotels and such are all on me if I choose to drive there.
  13. AxeSteel, your reaction to the selection results does not suggest a level of maturity that people look for in putting someone in charge of the lives of others, not to mention aircraft worth millions of dollars. An appropriate response would be to ask how you can better yourself to be selected next board or in the future. Complaining about the process/suggesting others do not make an effort on a public forum does not indicate professionalism. leadership, or any other quality that is indicative of future success as an officer or an aviator. This, like the posts of many of the previous folks who have commented is constructive criticism. I want to see you succeed but we want you to understand you will continue to rub people the wrong way if you maintain the attitude you have in these posts.
  14. I'm not sure how to reply to comments on here, but I got my email with a packing list and a list of websites about 10 minutes ago.
  15. I would guess that it is very much a whole character approach. I have seen plenty of people get accepted on this forum with one or two stats well below what is seen as competitive. If I were you I would keep improving my fitness, education and anything else I could to be competitive. I wanted to do this program 10 years ago but I was not a great student, no flight experience, and nothing to offer but a passion for aviation. I wrote myself off without even trying, so I give props to you for putting in the effort- and would encourage you to keep trying as well as explore ways to improve yourself for this or other opportunities. The maturity thing some other comments have addressed will absolutely come into play especially as you attempt to solicit LORs and ultimately begin training, whether it be in WOFT or any other profession/education. For me, after writing myself off as a potential candidate I joined the military. This helped me to develop my maturity and leadership as well as my study habits. I chose an aviation field with excellent civilian opportunities when I left. Instead of driving a nice car or frequenting the bars like my peers, I took weekly flight lessons for many months. When I got out, I used the GI bill which actually paid me more to go to school 2-3 days a week than I was making when I was enlisted. Not worrying about bills made it easy to apply the discipline/study habits I developed in the military to achieve excellent grades and still have time for my hobbies and a part time job. I still don't have a degree, still don't have a PPL but have demonstrated I am actively working towards both and had enough on my resume to feel confident about finally dropping a packet. Yesterday I was accepted. I'm not saying the way I did it is the only way; I probably could have gotten in long ago had I been trying this whole time. The best advice I can give is don't let this setback cause you to give up on your dream. Be the best at whatever you choose to do in the meantime whether it be school, the military or another line of work. People will take notice, and the quality of your LORs and resume will get to where it needs to be.
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