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  1. Selected last month and still waiting on orders. Wife and I are dual military and she is planning on reenlisting soon. Enrolled in the MACP program. Anyone know if she will get orders to PCS with me prior to WOCS, or will I have to graduate before she'll get orders?
  2. AGE: 24 MILITARY: Active Duty Army - 68W - SPC - 3 years TIS - No Deployment GT: 111 SIFT: 49 APFT: 293 EDUCATION: Associates 3.8 GPA FLIGHT: NONE LOR: O-3, O-4, CW4 WAIVERS: NONE MISC: AASLT, EFMB, 1-AAM FQ-S FIRST LOOK ON JANUARY BOARD BEST OF LUCK!
  3. Did you get selected this past board or back in November?
  4. Bro, where tf is this milper at? I'm going crazzy
  5. I feel you. Been working on it for 10 months. If I don't get selected these are the things I'm going to work on.. Start accumulating college credits. Some universities offer a B.S. in aviation science and some of those classes get you flight hours. Regular gen ed classes won't hurt either. Check that bio and LoR. Theres no max amount of letters of rec that you can submit so get more. If you want an amazing LoR, write it yourself. No one knows your strengths better then you do. I wrote all three of mine and each auditor added a few sentences here and there then signed. Just dont quit. Nothing worth having comes easy, so when you get selected this loss will it that much sweeter.
  6. But if yall talk to your recruiters have them look me up lol. I don't know if I can make it til next week
  7. Keep your head up. Lotta guys on here post their selection on the second board. Plenty of pilots were in this exact same position.
  8. Congratulations. I'm losing my mind. Assuming you're a civilian?
  9. remember reading that milper comes out the following Wednesday, so the 22nd.. Also heard civilians find out earlier.
  10. Campbell here. Anxiety through the roof. Best of luck to everyone.
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