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  1. From what I’ve read from other posts... you will do another physical upon arrival to flight school. The process should be streamlined including any required ETP.
  2. I submitted mine in January for the March board and I got it back last week. I think they're more behind than normal.
  3. AGE : 30 RANK : E-7 - 89B TIS: 9.5 years Active Duty GT : 121 SIFT : 46 APFT : 292 EDUCATION : 45 Credits, 2.8 GPA PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-4, O-5, CW4, CW5 CCWO DEPLOYMENT: 4 NCOERs: 1: MQ, 5: HQ, 1: 2-2 WAIVERS : AFS, Moral (Approved)
  4. I just got my waiver back and finally board ready. keep an eye out for yours
  5. Where is your waiver at exactly? Proponent or G3? G3 is Department of the Army and is ultimately the approving authority. My waiver also didn’t get approved in time for this March board which is kind of strange since I submitted my packet well before the deadline. I spoke to the local recruiters and they said they are running behind on waivers. But tbh, two boards seems a bit ridiculous for your case.
  6. I got a hold of my regional recruiter and my waiver wasn’t approved in time, so I’m not on this board. good luck everyone!
  7. Did you guys ever receive a board ready status?
  8. Thedude gave you some pretty good feedback on the post you made and I agree with everything he said. Just do a once over your packet for spelling/grammar. if you want me to review it for general errors I can. Also, don’t beat yourself up too hard.. it’s kind of a numbers game when it comes to getting selected.
  9. If you are a non-select for two consecutive boards then you are considered NS-NC. It’s been exactly one year since My last submission. Good luck man, keep us posted
  10. Greetings! The deadline for the March board was today. This is my second time submitting my packet, if anyone has any questions on the process feel free to ask! AGE : 30 RANK : E-7, 9yrs Active Duty - 89B GT : 121 SIFT : 46 APFT : 292 EDUCATION : 45 Credits PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-4, O-5, CW5 CCWO, CW4 DEPLOYMENT: 3 NCOERs: 2- MQ, 4 - HQ, 1 - 2-2 WAIVERS : 2 x Moral 1 x AFS Previous look: FQ-NS March 2020 NS-NC June 2020 Good luck everyone!
  11. Double FQ-NS for myself, congrats to everyone who was selected... I'll be trying again next year
  12. Didn’t make it either on my first look.. congrats to everyone who was selected!
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