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  1. Your stats are solid. We all want to get picked up and each is only one spot, hopefully we’ll both get selected. Anyone else posting that they’re applying as a civilian for March?
  2. Appreciate it, I worked hard for the stats I have but we’re all in the same boat until selected.
  3. Hoping to make this board as a civilian. AGE: 31 ASVAB GT: 123 SIFT: 70 APFT: 300 EDUCATION: B.S. Aerospace Engineering 3.58 GPA, 6 credits towards M.S. Interdisciplinary Engineering 3.70 GPA FLIGHT: 6 hours rotary, 2 hours fixed wing LORS: O-5, O-3, Boss, College Professor OTHER INFO: Prior Service Navy PHYSICAL: Stamped WAIVERS: None
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