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  1. Roger. If I was to enlist now I would most likely go the 14 series as they are considered combat arms and they are in dire need of all ranks and they don't cause the same physical toll that the 11 series jobs do. In your opinion, do you think the ARNG would be a suitable compromise as it would pay for my community college, whilst also (to a certain degree) allowing me chose my involvement with them? Or, on the flip side of things, If I abstain from all military involvement until I am able to drop my packet, do you think it'll ultimately be worth it even if it would take me a year or 2 to get to where I need to be?
  2. I recently had a comprehensive talk with my recruiter regarding my career ambitions with the armed forces (& specifically aviation) and consequently he left me with 2 decisions to contemplate over the weekend. Due to the fact that these are quite substantial and life altering options, I will most likely tell him that it's a impossible conclusion to make over the weekend and I will require more time before I reach a verdict. However, there is still a critical choice to be made, ergo I come to this forum today seeking some guidance from anyone who is willing to provide a fresh perspective on the matter. Here are the options that were laid out for me. Option 1: apply to WOFT in a few months to a year with a fairly uncompetitive package Option 2: enlist now in a MOS that'll grant me opportunities for promotions at an advanced rate, AND quickly develop my individual qualities so I will have a competitive edge over other WOFT applicants when I am able to apply after a few years of service. (Recruiter recommended the 14 series ADA MOS line, but if I was to go this route I'd most likely pick a 15 series MOS) However, with all of that being said, there are a few other attributes that must be considered before I reach my decision. Such as: 1. I have a peanut allergy, and whilst my chances of a med waiver for it are relatively good, my enlistment won't be guaranteed regardless of what field I chose. 2. I am a homeschooled kid with average grading all around. If I did chose to push for a WOFT packet, the only edge I'd have amongst other applicants is my physical traits, as I am tall and physically fit. Otherwise, I never did any AP classes, I never did boyscouts, CAP, or anything of the sort. I did briefly do martial arts for 2 years, but that's the height of my sports history and I'm not sure that it would be worth mentioning in a packet. I'm also not sure where I would receive my LORs from, as I'm a fairly introverted kid with minimal connections. 3. My math is currently subpar as I only paid enough attention to get a passing grade as I didn't think algebra would be a necessity in life. Obviously, in hindsight, it wasn't a smart decision by any stretch of the means, but I am confident that if I took a year or so to recuperate my math skills that I would be able to succeed in achieving a adequate GT & SIFT score to be a competitive choice for flight school. 4. My primary ambition is to join the army, with a close secondary ambition to serve as much of my career as a warrant officer. While I'm sure that it would be nice to start off as a warrant officer, I'm not too sure if it's worthwhile taking a year or 2 build upon myself in order to submit a packet only to find out that I still don't meet the required pre-requisites in order to be accepted into the street to seat program, as my ultimate goal is to serve as long as I physically can in the army and taking the time to build up my WOFT packet may very well subtract some retirement years off of my service time. There's inarguably pro's and con's to each route, but it's still a hefty decision to make considering my background. I should mention that flying has always been a passion of mine, but with the dilemma presented to me, I am quite uncertain if it's a achievable goal for me to make straight from the civilian sector, or if I need to enlist first and then build upon my credentials before applying later in my life. I will answer any further questions about any aspect that you can think of with complete honesty, so please don't hesitate to ask.
  3. Anyone know why it's relevant to the army how long someone plays videogames or flies in simulators?
  4. Damn, had me excited for a second there. Any advice on how a civi would get his LoRs? who I would reach out to, and what would look good in my packet etc...
  5. When is the first ACFT for the WOFT packet?
  6. You could absolutely be correct in stating that it's too short for what It needs to be, but as it seems most of the websites that provide the information on the proper length, formatting et. are either shut down or pushed to the back of the google search results. But compared to what I've seen on other civilians doing the same thing I am, it's right on par with what it needs to be. But I'll be sure to look into it more, thank you. I appreciate that, thanks!
  7. Hi, I'm currently putting together my packet for the WOFT program and I needed some second opinions on my essay portion. I'm primarily concerned about my second paragraph, but a overall look and critique on the essay would make me more than grateful to you for taking your time to break it apart. Please be as honest as you can Andrew Mueller 4/3/2020 Aviation Why I want to be an army aviator. I have wanted to serve in the military since my adolescence. I come from a family rich with military service, and I have come to admire the camaraderie, loyalty, and sense of purpose that accompanies a military career. To be able to serve my country and contribute to an organization as fine as the US Army as an aviator and leader would not only be an honor, but build on my strengths and experiences. The American doctrine of tactical Air Superiority has always been a significant interest throughout my youth. Specifically, the freedom that accompanies rotary wing aviation and the challenge of being an aviator has always appealed to me. From going to airshows and inspecting Apache helicopters in person, to hearing stories of my Father who served as a SMSgt in the U.S airforce, I have decided to settle on no less than to fulfil the U.S mission of air dominance from the cockpit of a rotary wing airframe. Being a Warrant Officer appeals to me because it provides the opportunity to refine my leadership skills and test them by setting the best example for my men. The position allows me to challenge myself to become part of the prestigious three percent of technical and tactical experts of my field. Being a slight perfectionist, mastering the criteria of my career is what I strive for. Though I have only had limited exposure to warrant officers, their willingness to help prospective candidates is inspiring towards following that path -Andrew
  8. Besides good LOR's and decent SIFT & ASVAB, PT scores (etc) what can I do in this upcoming year that would make my packet standout more to the board? I'm just starting it but thus far it's relatively unimpressive In terms life accomplishments as I don't really do much with my days. What would be good examples of community work that I could do to add more cushion to my packet?
  9. Right, but this is a hard pill for me to swallow and do because Army Aviation has always been my dream/goal. I appreciate the insight, though 😕 like what? cause it's always been the warrant officer path that's been appealing to me
  10. right, but I was thinking of alternatives in the likelihood "his" waiver would be denied. Mainly cause my "friend" has anaphylactic reactions to peanuts, witch is pretty much a DQ under almost every circumstance from what I've heard.
  11. most likely then it wasn't anaphylactic, witch mi amigos is, and if its anaphylactic there's almost a 0.00% chance of getting a waiver, thank you though 😕
  12. Right, but getting a waiver from what I've heard is next to impossible for peanuts, and if that gets denied then the army knows said friend has a allergen and will most likely permanently DQ him from service. Do you know if your friend got a waiver, or did she just keep it hush? Also, It seems that being around dust whenever he's in or around five guys or texas roadhouse or other such environments with a lot of dust particles, It has little to none effect on him. But it could be different in FT Rucker like you said, I guess
  13. so, they don't force you to eat peanuts? But no, my friend is fine touching peanuts, just not consuming. And I only asked the original question cause I thought I heard they do a allergy panel when you get your class 1 flight physical, to see if you were lying about not being allergic to anything.
  14. So if I, uh *ahem* a friend of mine theoretically had a peanut allergy that would be potentially disqualifying, and nevertheless decided to go into WOFT w/o informing the recruiter of said allergen anyway... would "he" be able to play it off until fully qualified on a select airframe, then "discover" that he had a peanut allergen? Again, asking for a friend.
  15. First and foremost, I apologize for the late response to each and every one of you. I did not have enough time to hop on this forum in the last few days as I would've hoped. This is actually very helpful, thank you. I had no idea i needed 15 college credits but I'll be sure to start working on that now, rather than later If I want to commission when I turn 18. I didn't really think of the benefits I could have for listing my martial arts experience until you mentioned it, thank you for that advice as well. Right, i wasn't treating the deficit as a excuse for me to do less work to get accepted to the program, I just mentioned it as a reassurance that my odds will be slightly better today than they were 8+ years ago. Wilco, thank you, I'll start my packet In the following week when I'm not as busy. I appreciate the advice also, does anyone know the likeliness of being selected to fly fixed wing aircraft rather than rotary? I'm kind of nervous I'll be selected for the C-12 or perhaps a U.A.V slot, as I've always been fascinated by helis and how they work and I would have no higher honor than being able to fly one for the U.S army (not to get down/disrespect the WO's who got selected for other aircraft, and not that I wouldn't be happy flying other aircraft, but I've always wanted to fly helicopters is all.) Also, can i even do the SIFT or board meeting right now, or do I have to wait until I'm 18?
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