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  1. The Bell 47 is an excellent choice as long as you realize that you are only using it to get the time you need and you are getting it at a price that is better than or equal to the R22. I have 1500-2000 hours in the 47 out of my 16,000 total time and as trainer it is a fine machine to learn with. You will build your confidence better in this machine than most if you are getting good emergency skill training. That means autorotations to the ground, as well as simulated tailrotor failures and hydraulic failures. After mastering those skills you will have the basics for a higher confidence level based on your experience not on passing a paper test. That confidence is required to stay in the helicopter world for very long. You do not want to have any doubts about your abilities before you get into the CFI work and after the CFI work your confidence will be where it needs to be if you have satisfied yourself that you now have the higher skill set required to teach others how to also have that same confidence.Good luck with your choices.
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