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  1. So you were wrong with your first statement being that you did find this? Gotcha
  2. Being talked to like an a**hole from a person that is my boss is different than just being talked to like an a**hole for no reason. You know that you just like being an a**hole for know reason. That's why you come online to do it cuz theres nothing to worry about when you are. Were you Warrant officer? If so obviously it's not a big deal where I posted since you came across it. If not who cares what you say.
  3. Always amazed me how cowards swarm to the internet to talk sh*t to someone whom they don't know and would never say the same stuff in person. I came here for advice made a little mistake and then just get attacked for no reason. f**k all you arrogant cunts.
  4. Hello everyone I Just finished my WOFT packet I'm just wondering if I can get some insight on my possibilities of selection from current Warrant Officers and people recently selected. SIFT: 47 PFT: 249 LOR: SEAL Master Chief, SEAL Commander, Army Major, and my current flight instructor who is an ex ranger. GT: 120 AQFT: 85 Flight time so far: 12 hours. But I will have at least 18 before I turn my packet in. In all honesty I am mostly worried about my PFT because I know it's not that great. I know I can get it to at least a 280 in a couple months but I've already been getting my packet together for a year. All I'm waiting for is to get my flight physical stamp of approval by Fort Rucker I would appreciate the help everyone theres nothing I'd like more than to be an army pilot.
  5. I'm at fort Irwin right now finishing the second part of my flight physical. I'm a little nervous but I feel okay about it. I know I will be able to talk confidently with the board but I dont know if what I have is going to impress them. I have four letters of recommendation right now. One is from a SEAL commander, one is from a SEAL master chief, one from an Army Major, and one from my flight instructor who is an ex Army ranger (11B). I scored a 47 on the sift test and I have 16 flight hours and plan to get more. My pft was 262 which is my biggest concern. I'm just curious what people who've been previously selected think and want to know my chances. Also I know my SIFT test is pretty low but I've heard that the board doesn't take that into consideration as much as most people think but I honestly don't know. I was disappointed with my score the second I got it but I just decided to be happy with passing it and decided to move forward. But as the date gets closer I just keep thinking more about it.
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