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  1. Hey @flyer88 - I started my rotor add-on to my fixed wing out of their Skagit location before it closed. I really thought their aircraft and instruction was top notch. Highly recommend them. Let me know if you have any specific questions,
  2. Hey Guys - quick update. I passed my helicopter add-on check ride yesterday! Between COVID and weather it took longer than expected but was an incredible experience. Looking forward to continuing building my skills on both fixed and rotor. Of note, @edspilot was completely correct on all of his comments. It was not helpful for the fixed wing, was at points incredibly frustrating, and it was expensive. It was very rewarding and worth it though for me personally (but likely a bad idea if my goal was only the fixed wing commercial rating).
  3. Hey Everyone, So I am preparing to take the check ride for my private rotor add on to my fixed wing. I'll be taking it in an R22. Do people have recommendations on prep materials? Write ups on their check rides? General thoughts? Proverbial ditches I should avoid falling in? Really appreciate people's thoughts!
  4. Has anyone done this? What are peoples recommendations? I am a fixed wing pilot with ~200 hours currently working on my commercial fixed wing rating and was thinking I would build some of remaining that time with a helicopter add on. Would appreciate people's thoughts!
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