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  1. Just finished up my board interview for the National Guard. I met with 2 commissioned officers and a Warrant Officer via FaceTime. It was an Interesting experience doing it remotely and I’m hoping I did well. Was advised that they would be deliberating over the next few weeks and would get back to me once they made their decision. I was incredibly nervous going into it but feel good now it’s over. They asked the same types of questions you see throughout this thread. It’s in God’s hands now..
  2. I am scheduled to meet with a State and Federal board as a requirement to submitting my packet for the National Guard. One of the questions they told me to be prepared for is "What is the Army regulation that governs Army Aviation?". The answer I came up with is: AR 95-1 is specific to Aviation Flight Regulations. This regulation governs aircraft operations, crew requirements, and flight rules. In 1997 the publication was revised to include AR 95-3 which also covers Aviation general provisions, standardization, training, and management of aviation resources. Can anyone confirm this
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