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  1. Sorry for not wording it more clearly, I was just trying to emphasize that I have like nothing that's military related, items wise rn lol
  2. Thanks, I’ll try to grab as much as I can before I get down there. And I’ll check out the video
  3. T Not really helpful my guy. I mean I’m waiting to leave. I haven’t been in an actual army unit in over a year. I’m saying before I move down there. Everything you’re saying is stuff that’s already known. I feel like you’re intentionally misunderstanding what I’m asking, but I could be wrong.
  4. Hey, awesome, glad to see there's someone else going at the same time. Is there anything else you've done to prepare? I've been working hard physically to get ready, but academic wise, I've been told to sit tight beyond very basic soldier stuff.
  5. Hey guys, I leave for WOCS in 2 weeks, and I was wondering, should I bring some of the items on the packing list with me down to Fort Rucker with me? I'm currently not in the military, so I don't have much that's on the list. I live in the midwest, and my recruiter told me to only bring a backpack of essential stuff, so I'm not sure how much room I'll have. Any particular items I should get now that are sold out on base? Thanks!
  6. A small apartments worth of stuff. I've never moved with my family before. I'm in Michigan, so a long ways. Do you know what the situation is for family being allowed on base?
  7. Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to go to WOCS and flight school and I've heard conflicting info about moving my family down to Rucker. I've never moved my family around through the military as I was NG on my last enlistment, and now I'm AD. On the one hand, a lot of people are telling me I should do a DITY move and make some money off of it... I would be fine with this but I have heard a ton of things regarding quarantines with COVID. I've heard I won't be able to have any friends/family help me move on base, and I've heard the opposite of that too. On the other hand I've also been told to just let the military move us down, but I've heard that stuff often gets damaged that way. I've also heard that a lot of it will get squared away when I get down there, but I don't want to just trust that things will happen, the Army messes up a lot of stuff like this. If anyone on here has moved down to Rucker during the quarantine with a family would shed some light on the process, I'd really appreciate it. I've called a lot of the numbers on Fort Rucker's website and they've mostly told me conflicting info.
  8. I called them awhile back and nobody ever got back to me. I’ll try again I guess. Thanks
  9. There's no way to know how to move your family down there? I'm trying to gather intel on that still, I'm on the waiting list for housing, but will they give you time or a brief on how to go out and get housing/look at houses? That seems crazy if not, I've gotten no information on moving down there in my packet beyond getting on the wait list.
  10. Hey thanks for posting all of this. As someone just getting started, its really cool to see some of the things you can do in Army aviation, and is a great reminder of why I applied for this program in the first place, longer ASDO or no.
  11. Good point, I think I try really hard to plan for stuff, but I also overthink the crap out of it too, which I mean it kind of makes sense since I've been aiming at this for years now. But thank you, I appreciate it.
  12. I'd like to say I'm decent at land nav, is it pretty much just the basic course in easy terrain during the day? For my AIT my last enlistment we had a course in the Wichita mountains in OK, and that was moderately difficult because of the rugged terrain, but it wasn't hard otherwise. On the other hand, land nav courses at night in the woods freaking suck, hopefully its not that lol
  13. Can confirm the Corvias housing thing, I'm going to WOCS in December and they signed us up for the housing wait list, its pretty straight forward. The lady was super polite and helpful.
  14. Thanks, that's really encouraging. I've wanted to do this my whole life and I just want to make sure I'm lined up and prepared to do as well as I possibly can so I can make this dream come true.
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