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  1. Hello all, Are there any recruiters on here? I got lasik about 2 months ago. During these months I have been trying to piece together a WOFT packet. My recruiter and no other recruiters I have contacted will schedule me to take my Asvab because I can not also take the physical the same day. My goal is not to start my packet in 4 months but to have it completed. Is there anyway around this or any recruiter out there that can help me out? I am located in Arizona but willing to travel.
  2. So would this potentially raise someone’s chances to get selected if they are applying for woft as a civilian with no prior service?
  3. Hello everyone. I am worried about submitting a packet without having a degree. I know you do not need to have a degree but I would like to make myself as competitive as possible in as short amount of time as possible as this is something I really want to do. My question is a rotary wing private pilots license worth getting? Will it make my packet much more competitive?
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