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  1. BOARD : Civilian/S2S (Reserve) AGE : 29 RANK : Civilian (non-prior service) GT : 124 SIFT : 58 APFT : Passed the OPAT EDUCATION : BS Computer Science in Dec 2020, 3.0 GPA FLIGHT : 10 Hours Fixed-wing (solo complete) LOR : CW4 Aviator, Retired E-7/former civilian boss, CEO of large professional Org WAIVERS : None REMARKS: Received letter of acceptance with a line and paragraph # from reserve unit
  2. Hard to say without knowing what the actual diagnoses is. What is the actual medical term diagnoses of your eye misalignment and how many prism diopeters (the unit they use to measure these things) is the misalignment? It sounds like what you're describing is some sort of strabismus such as esotropia (phoria) or exophoria (tropia), hyperphoria...there's a few of them. Look through your doctor's notes or ask for them and see what the actual medical diagnosis is (misalignment of eyes is not the medical term). Side note, there are pre-surgery PRK vision requirements for MEPS and
  3. Revision: Why I want to be an Army WOFT Aviator With over 10,000 volunteer hours, I aspire to continue serving others as a Soldier, leader and aviator for my country. My mother and step-father, who were Army officers, and my grandfather, who was a Soldier during WWII, taught me the importance of selfless service. They also showed me the loyalty, personal courage, and the ability for Soldiers to push themselves beyond perceived limits. As a division I college athlete, I also learned to push myself. I played rugby on a team with a high work-ethic and elite tactics and teamw
  4. Be as brutal as possible. Why I want to be an Army WOFT Aviator Serving my country as a Soldier, leader and aviator will be one of the greatest honors of my life. My mother and step-father were Army officers until retirement and my grandfather was a Soldier during WWII. Growing up in this environment instilled in me the Army’s values and the desire to serve. I admire the duty, loyalty and personal courage it takes to be a Soldier and know that I will be successful in this role. My leadership skills, ability to adapt under pressure, and technical acumen demonstrate t
  5. If he's not ready, he shouldn't take it. If he passes the test, even with the minimum score (40), that score is his forever. No retakes. If he fails, he's waiting a minimum of 6 months to take it again. There are no consequences when it comes to the selection board with rescheduling the SIFT. His recruiter might be annoyed but there are other recruiters in the world. A SIFT score is forever and is used to weed out non-competitive packets at the board. The selection board only has a few minutes to review each packet. Don't let the SIFT score be a reason they put your son in the
  6. This guy was able to get an alternative test for his colorblindness and was able to get qualified for woft.
  7. Civilian here, working on my WOFT packet for the reserves. I got a meeting with the company commander of a local unit that I'd like to fly for. I'm not sure if it's an interview or an informational meeting, but I'm guessing by how this came about that it might be a little bit of both. Originally, I got in touch with the unit administrator asking what I needed to do in order to be considered for a slot with the unit. She asked me some basic questions and then followed-up later asking for my resume, saying she'd pass it along to the company commander to see if he's interes
  8. Trust but verify is the biggest lesson I've learned through this process of putting my packet together. While I trust my recruiter, I want to verify that what he told me this week is correct, since I have not been able to verify any of it. 1- The next board deadline is June 5th for the July board. Everything I've read on the USAREC site says May 15th is the deadline for the July board and June 5th is nowhere to be found. 2- Flight physicals are no longer required for a WOFT packet due to COVID-19 3- An APFT score is not required for packets since the APFT has been suspen
  9. Great idea! Will definitely try this once the pandemic is over. Thank you.
  10. I'll definitely reach out to more stations in my area to see if they can offer any additional guidance on this.
  11. What is the process of picking or getting accepted by a reserve unit for WOFT, outside of putting together a packet? Would it be wise to start contacting units near me once I've completed my packet? I asked my recruiter this question and he was honest with me saying he wasn't sure since he's only done active-duty packets, but that doing woft reserves is 100% possible. I've read a lot on here about going guard, but there's not a lot of info on the reserves. My state (FL) does not allow civilians to do the woft program (I asked the wosm) so that's not a possibility since I'm no
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