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  1. AGE: 31 MILITARY: E-6 11B 7yrs TIS 3yrs TIG 2 deployments to Afghanistan GT:134 SIFT 51 APFT 287 COLLEGE: 107credits 2.05 GPA AWARDS: 4 ARCOMS 6 AAM’s CIB, EIB, INSTRUCTOR BADGE SCHOOLS: AIR ASSAULT, AIRBORNE, SENIOR RATED JM, UMO, AMO, UPL, COUNTER IED, BREACHER COURSE. BLC( Commandants list) ALC Distinguished Honor Grad) LOR O-3, O-5, CW3 160th, CW5 SMU wavier: NONE flight: NONE (FIRST LOOK) MAY As I looked at my stats compared to many others I felt I was just average. With that, in my opinion a lot of what the board looks at is
  2. Age 31 11B E-6 TIS 7yrs. TIG 3yrs 18 months deployed to Afghanistan GT 134 SIFT 51 APFT 287 Education 107 credits BA LOR O-3, O-5, CW3, CW5 physical stamped waviers: none
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