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  1. AGE: 31 MILITARY: E-6 11B 7yrs TIS 3yrs TIG 2 deployments to Afghanistan GT:134 SIFT 51 APFT 287 COLLEGE: 107credits 2.05 GPA AWARDS: 4 ARCOMS 6 AAM’s CIB, EIB, INSTRUCTOR BADGE SCHOOLS: AIR ASSAULT, AIRBORNE, SENIOR RATED JM, UMO, AMO, UPL, COUNTER IED, BREACHER COURSE. BLC( Commandants list) ALC Distinguished Honor Grad) LOR O-3, O-5, CW3 160th, CW5 SMU wavier: NONE flight: NONE (FIRST LOOK) MAY As I looked at my stats compared to many others I felt I was just average. With that, in my opinion a lot of what the board looks at is LOR’s, ERB, DA photo, and senior rater comments on NCOER’s and the resume. LOR’s: everyone of my LOR’s has the same message. A top performer who will be successful due to my work ethic, leadership ability and having outperformed my peers. When these things are repeated by numerous people over and over again through numerous LOR’s it gives the board a better picture of who you are. ERB: all my duty assignments matches my NCOER’s. Honestly just make sure everything is up to date. DA PHOTO: make sure everything that is on your uniform matches your ERB. It should go without saying but make sure everything on your uniform is properly spaced. NCOER’s: The board doesn’t have enough time to read every NCOER. With that, I believe they look at senior rater comments and your ranking vs your peers. Mine were 3 of 15. 1 of 4, 1 of 4. With a top block in there. In the comments it was always promote ahead of peers. Resume: So basically how can you sell yourself to the board. Make it unique to you. What do you bring to the table. What are the defining characteristics that separate you from your peers. Lastly, what do you bring to aviation? Don’t try to write an 8 paragraph summary of your life. if you have the ability to get a copy of someone’s packet that was selected, get it. Not to copy it, but as a guide to make sure you are on the right track. This process can be a long one, but it doesn’t have to be. From start to finish I was done in 5 months, to include the physical. Total time from packet submission to selection about 7 months. If anyone has any questions feel free to message me. Good luck
  2. Age 31 11B E-6 TIS 7yrs. TIG 3yrs 18 months deployed to Afghanistan GT 134 SIFT 51 APFT 287 Education 107 credits BA LOR O-3, O-5, CW3, CW5 physical stamped waviers: none
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