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  1. Hi, I tend to agree with most of the posts here, you'll need substantially more than 40 to 50 hours. Just take a look somewhere like JSFirm at tour jobs. Try this link, I did some of the leg work for you! https://www.jsfirm.com/AllLocations/All/pilot-rotary wing/searchpopularjobs If I remember right from my cursory glance you'll see that the minimums for the jobs you're talking about range from 300 to 500 hours in helicopters and 50 to 100 hours in the R44. Will they take less based on your fixed wing experience? My suggestions is to call and talk to a chief pilot, that's th
  2. Hi Nate, Tough decision. I was 36 when I decided to chase the dream. Had a good career as an electrician, which to me meant lots of time off at the expense of not making a lot of money (I was earning $30-40k for half a years work). I think that there is a lot of solid advice here already, so instead of repeating it I'll just share my experience over the last 6 years. I started flight school in 2014. Flight school took just under a year going full time, no work and very little time put into anything other than flying and studying. That was 0-200 hours and it cost about $90K. It
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