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  1. The street to seaters typically get their results the same week or very early the next week. AD get their results usually Wed-Fri the week after, in a perfect world. If there are any holidays or any Army DONSA’s in between expect results to be delayed.
  2. My report date is 13 June and I was selected in the September board. You mentioned feb-mar range: is this a 90 day deployment? If so you should be fine, they typically schedule us AD guys pretty far out from our selection dates it seems
  3. I got my ATRSS reservation two weeks after I was selected, and my assignment instructions a little over a month after.
  4. All the kiddos including me would love that 👍 Shame the Army retired the Kiowa Warrior. It was a badass menacing looking helicopter with an awesome mission.
  5. A/L’s have steam gauges, M’s are glass cockpit. Also the duty stations for A/L’s are super limited but Japan is A/L only I think
  6. Maybe shoot a DM to Emily Hills on Instagram at @emjoyhills ? She’s a retired Apache pilot with plenty of experience and a couple awesome podcast interviews on YouTube. I don’t know her personally or anything, but I’m sure she’d be a great resource to answer some of your questions or put you in contact with a female pilot who’s still in.
  7. Anyone get their report date? My report date to WOCS is 7 July 2021. Seems so far away 🙄
  8. It’s feast or famine with the Chinooks it would seem.
  9. AGE : 25 RANK : SGT w/ 7yrs TIS GT : 117 SIFT : 61 APFT : 261 EDUCATION : 66 credits, 2.8 GPA PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-3, O-5, CW4 WAIVERS : Medical, approved FLIGHT : No prior experience DEPLOYMENT : 0 AWARDS : ARCOM (1), AAM (4), Air Assault Selected first look. What I think will set your packet apart is really solid LOR’s and a well written resume. I had a really really good LOR written by my Senior Aviator who reviewed my packet and I probably read my resume over at least a hundred times and had dozens of people review it to ma
  10. I made the list! For those that didn’t make it, I’m praying that y’all make it on the next one. The struggle makes the man (or woman). I’ll be rooting for y’all
  11. This is just my personal advice, and caveat, I haven't been selected yet so take my advice with a grain of salt. It sounds like you have some stuff you need to get straight on your end first so if I were you this is how I would prioritize my time: the first thing you need to do is get yourself straight with height/weight and PT. As a Leader in the Army, physical fitness is important and the Soldiers around you will expect you to lead by example. This is why PT is an important factor for the board. It's free chicken; get yourself on a workout plan, exercise on your own time, quit drinking
  12. AD has their own MILPER. Usually it rolls out the week after the board, typically Wednesday to Friday if my research holds true.
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