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  1. Hello. I have a question. I heard about the US Army's "FARA" Project. Basically it's a project aimed at looking for a new design or new kind of bird that will replace half of the Army's total fleet of AH64's by 2030. There is already one candidate, the chopper with 2 rotors on top the other one to counter the torque, but they are the same size rotors on top of each other. So the tail rotor is one rotor at the rear of the bird. Imagine a torpedo underwater moving, it moves forward because of the propeller at the back of the torpedo, the new chopper has that same design. My question is, once that happens, what will happen to the AH-64 pilots? Will they be taught on how to fly the new one's? Will they be allowed to change airframes? Like from 64's to 60's or 47's? What will happen to them?
  2. Hey man. Thank you very much, I really appreciate it. Are you currently in flight school or you're already flying? If you are, what are flying?
  3. are you flying for Uncle Sam right now? if you are, what are you flying? Man, I'm really hoping for the 64's. But I do know that you rarely get to pick what you want during the selection. Maybe if you know someone who is on the same height as me and is flying a 64? hahaha anyways thanks for the reply man, really appreciate it.
  4. Aww men the 64's? that's the bird that I would love to operate one day. What does she fly now? also when you say close to 5'2 does it mean on the shorter side of 5'2 close to 5'2 or on the taller side of 5'2 close to 5'2?
  5. can I ask what year did you do this flight physical of yours that you said you barely passed? thanks for the reply man, really appreciate it. I'm dreaming of becoming a pilot for the 64's though. Also one last question, do the anti torque pedals of the birds of the army adjust? like can you adjust them like the ones on the airliners or the other fixed wing aircrafts?
  6. Hi Guys. I have a question. Will my height disqualify me from army flight school or WOFT? My height is 5 Feet 2 Inches. Do you guys know people who are still or who were pilots for the US army with the same height that I've got or shorter?
  7. I have a question. What degree of scoliosis will disqualify me from getting into Army Flight School? I have scoliosis just at the Thoracic Part (Upper part) but it's just a slight bend. but you will see it from the x-ray of course. Do you guys know anyone who is a helicopter pilot for the US army that has scoliosis?
  8. Yup. Got it. Thanks for your insight really appreciate it man. Take Care
  9. No there is no other way Thanks for your insight on this one appreciate it.
  10. Hello. I just created an account on this site to get as much information as possible. I already have a basic understanding on the basics of getting into Army Flight School through WOCS. However my situation will be quite different. Okay so here goes. I want to be an Aviator or a Pilot for the US Army, and It doesn't matter what I want to fly, because being able to fly anything for the US Army is in itself the most prestigious and most honorable thing for me. But if someone might ask on what I want to fly, the 64's are really what I'm dreaming off. Okay so what I'm planning on doing is Enlist first in the US Army with any 15 Series MOS's excluding air traffic controllers and the unmanned section of the 15 series MOS's. I'm planning on getting either the Romeos, the Tangos, or the Uniforms. For the Tangos and Uniforms, they are amazing because you get to be a crewchief along the way if I do an amazing job throughout, and as a crewchief you get to fly with the Warrants also advantage for the LOR's. Romeos I also want them because they are the 64's even though you dont get to fly with pilots. For me The only way for me to be a Pilot is through this pathway. Why? Because I'm not a US Citizen. I'm a legal permanent resident, as a legal permanent resident of the United States we are eligible to enlist in the Army, we will just not be allowed to get the jobs in the army that require security clearance, and I've checked with my recruiter all 15 series MOS's are okay for Legal permanent residents. I'm from the Philippines. And with God's help I'm planning on getting my citizenship through the military. Once I get the citizenship my only goal is to expand my military career by going warrant. Okay so I have a bachelor's degree, I graduated college, but it's in the Philippines. I'm planning on getting my Transcripts, diplomas for both my college and high school and bring them once I get back stateside. And I don't know if those will be accredited in the education system of the US. I'm not sure. But regardless I will still give it a shot once I get to stateside, because I want to try it than regretting not to for the rest of your life. Okay as the 15 series MOS's that I've listed that I'm interested in getting, I'm fully aware that the contracts for those MOS's is 6 years. I'm okay with that, as long as I'm near a bird/chopper which I freaking love everything about. Okay so let's say I get my citizenship within that 6 year mark, though I'm hoping I could get it by the 5th year of my contract, because if I get it at the 6th year I will already be 33 years old. And from what I know you have to be age 32 at the time the board interviews you. I'm not sure. I'm 26 years old right now as I'm writing this topic, and will turn 27 this November 2020. I'm 5 feet 2 inches in height... I know pretty small for a guy, but yeah, Filipinos dont have the height genes like the Americans and the Europeans. I'm not sure if my height will affect my eligibility for WOFT or when going warrant. Also hopefully while being in my 6 year contract as a 15 series MOS I get to deploy either in combat or non combat deployment as I know that can add up to my resume when applying for WOFT in the future. So If for example......... this is IF. If miraculously everything lands on where they need to land and I get to make this work, I get to apply on 5th year mark of the contract with complete everything, do you guys think It's a good Idea? Do you guys think I even get a chance to be NOTICED by the board? I can't do street to seat because I'm not a citizen.
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