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  1. Okay yeah that just wasn't relayed to me by my recruiter. Thanks for the info! I'm sure he didn't want me to know haha until I went to sign the contract 😂
  2. From what my recruiter has showed me is after flight school I would have 6 years of service. Air Force is 10 years at least from what I've been informed.
  3. Thank you guys very much I am going to look into the process with the alternative tests that are now available.
  4. Thank you everyone for the help and advice! I really appreciate it! I went and talked with the recruiter yesterday and he had me take a quick PIP test at the office just to double check my color vision. He said its the same color vision test that they will administer at MEPs. Well apparently i am red/green color deficient which i had no clue i ever had this issue. I can see red and green fine but apparently different shades i cant see or make out the number thats in the plates. After the test he just looked at me and said "well thats an automatic disqualifier". I thought i should make an eye appointment and get that checked for sure because at 29 yo i never knew that i had color blind issues. I have done some research online that a lot of the time if you fail the PIP test you can take other tests and pass just fine but its mainly up to MEPs to determine what test they want to test you on not just me requesting a different test. Anyone else have this issue, and what did you do to get by it?
  5. Hi everyone, I have talked with an Army recruiter a few times about the army's street to seat WOFT program and have i am interested but have some questions that maybe you guys could help me out with. I have a bach' and a masters degree that don't pertain to aviation. I have always wanted to serve in the military though. I have worked in the sports medicine field as an ATC with the military for approx 7 years, 5 of those years with special operations. My sports medicine background doesn't really give me any lead way towards any type of MOS other than administration which i am not interested in. I just talked with the recruiter yesterday and we broke down what needs to be done. If i move forward with this i would be looking at 86 weeks of training from basic through flight school. I am 29, which my recruiter said isnt much of an issue, which i defenitly didnt believe him. Is this even possible for me or is this recruiter setting me up to fail? The biggest worry i have is failing out of flight school because i have no background in it and then the army throwing me into some whirl wind for the next 3 years. I dont have a worry about applying and getting in because of my background and my letters of rec that i have. i am just more worried about the fact of failing out and getting stuck in the "machine". The recruiter has been in for 19 years and said "i have never heard or seen any WOFT candidate failing out of this program" which cannont be true i have worked with the army in the past and know that flight school is a long and difficult. Anyone that can help me or give some background on their experience would be really helpful. Thank you!
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