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  1. Okay yeah that just wasn't relayed to me by my recruiter. Thanks for the info! I'm sure he didn't want me to know haha until I went to sign the contract 😂
  2. From what my recruiter has showed me is after flight school I would have 6 years of service. Air Force is 10 years at least from what I've been informed.
  3. Thank you guys very much I am going to look into the process with the alternative tests that are now available.
  4. Thank you everyone for the help and advice! I really appreciate it! I went and talked with the recruiter yesterday and he had me take a quick PIP test at the office just to double check my color vision. He said its the same color vision test that they will administer at MEPs. Well apparently i am red/green color deficient which i had no clue i ever had this issue. I can see red and green fine but apparently different shades i cant see or make out the number thats in the plates. After the test he just looked at me and said "well thats an automatic disqualifier". I thought i should make an
  5. Hi everyone, I have talked with an Army recruiter a few times about the army's street to seat WOFT program and have i am interested but have some questions that maybe you guys could help me out with. I have a bach' and a masters degree that don't pertain to aviation. I have always wanted to serve in the military though. I have worked in the sports medicine field as an ATC with the military for approx 7 years, 5 of those years with special operations. My sports medicine background doesn't really give me any lead way towards any type of MOS other than administration which i am not intere
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