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  1. I'm not sure how different street to seat is, but for Active Duty, all packets were due by 17 July. The board convenes on 14 September so it seems a little weird to me that the packet deadline would be 31 August but hey, like I said, I'm Active Duty so take that with a grain of salt
  2. Congrats! Did you have to email the regional recruiter or did you just get an email?
  3. Anyone got an email saying their packet is board ready yet?
  4. AGE : 25 RANK : E-6, 7 years AD GT : 110 SIFT : 45 APFT : 286 EDUCATION : 60 credits PHYSICAL : Stamped LOR : O-4, O-5, CW3 DEPLOYMENT: 1 WAIVERS : Medical, approved
  5. Hey ya'll. I know its still pretty early but I was just wondering if anyone was able to submit a 153A packet for the upcoming September 2020 board. A lot of the people I've been talking to who are getting packets together are being held up by their flight physical due to COVID. Understandably, it seems flight physicals are pretty low on the TMC's priorities right now.
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