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  1. Firefighter and Cop are also pretty good for the mix, from what I heard. I’m currently looking into the former on top of vying to become a Black Hawk pilot with my local Guard Helo battalion (through Street-To-Seat WOFT).
  2. Would a similar concept apply for those trying to get into the XTP program through the Naval Test Pilot School at NAS Pax River?
  3. Good Afternoon. I’m a recent candidate who was attrited from Navy OCS (contracted as Student Naval Aviator/SNA) due to reasons beyond my control. Months after my separation, I am now due to meet up with a recruiting sergeant (and, possibly, the Warrant Officer Strength Manager/WOSM) in my nearby National Guard recruiting office (same location where the local helicopter battalion is stationed). Despite getting the boot from Navy OCS (I’m also a prior service Aviation Electrician from a long time ago, hence my quest to try to come back to the Navy), I never gave up my ultimate goal of earning my commission (even if it’s just as a Warrant Officer now) as well as becoming a military aviator (even if it’s in the capacity of flying Helo’s as a “state reserves pilot” in the Army National Guard now). I am also currently 30 years old and due to turn 31 late this year. I know my time is running out because of age requirements. That being said, can anyone please chime in with essential tips on vying for ARNG given my current SITREP? I’ll be willing to provide more details as best as I could in this thread. Greatly appreciated in advance.
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