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  1. Firefighter and Cop are also pretty good for the mix, from what I heard. I’m currently looking into the former on top of vying to become a Black Hawk pilot with my local Guard Helo battalion (through Street-To-Seat WOFT).
  2. Would a similar concept apply for those trying to get into the XTP program through the Naval Test Pilot School at NAS Pax River?
  3. Good Afternoon. I’m a recent candidate who was attrited from Navy OCS (contracted as Student Naval Aviator/SNA) due to reasons beyond my control. Months after my separation, I am now due to meet up with a recruiting sergeant (and, possibly, the Warrant Officer Strength Manager/WOSM) in my nearby National Guard recruiting office (same location where the local helicopter battalion is stationed). Despite getting the boot from Navy OCS (I’m also a prior service Aviation Electrician from a long time ago, hence my quest to try to come back to the Navy), I never gave up my ultimate goa
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