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  1. I took both, but when looking at my packet at MEPS for the November ‘20 board I only saw the APFT. Not saying the OPAT wasn’t submitted in addition to the APFT, I just didn’t see it. I imagine if you took the OPAT, that alone would cover your bases. Don’t take my word on that though, I’m not a recruiter & I think admitting when I don’t know something is actually the right thing to do 😂
  2. A question about West Point grads kind of relevant to this topic, what time of year do they usually enter flight training? And are they all Lieutenants, or can they opt to be Warrants? I gotta laugh because so many posts on VR & this topic especially are based on people applying/students in the program reading tea leaves trying to figure out where they'll end up. And that's why I say this question is kind of relevant to this topic.. Im being presumptuous that if Im in a class heavy with young LT's from WP they're gonna be sh*t hot and wanna take the 64's 🙏🤞
  3. You were third or third, meaning you maxing the PT test had no affect on your position in the OML? Yeah Im hoping the new PT test is in place, I think I could place better because of my errr.. anatomic anomalies😂
  4. Haha phew.. My arms are so damn long I struggle with pushups. While getting my physical at West Point, I maxed out the scale for wingspan by about 3 inches. I'm 6'4" with about a 6'8" W.S. @SBUZZKILL, did your PT scores affect your position on the OML much?
  5. Street to Seater here, got accepted 11/20 board!!! Signed at the beginning of the month, 12/3/20.. Had a pretty terrible experience with my recruiter. It’s a long story that maybe I’ll feel comfortable telling at some point in the future. There’s one issue I can talk about that’s most pertinent to point of this post. I wanted to withhold my application after my FQ-NS in Sept to build the best packet possible, and the recruiter still submitted my application, with only an update to my APFT (245 to 255). 255 is still an embarrassing score, so I worked on my PT score. I had totally rewritten
  6. I think I read somewhere there are 4 exams throughout IERW.. What are tests like?
  7. Is IERW is essentially equivalent to a private pilot license, with only basic instructions on instrument, and more comprehensive instrument instruction after aircraft selection?
  8. Agh I just remember David Clark’s crushing my head & giving me a headache after about 45 min of wearing. Active noise reducing headsets were much better, not having to rely on a tight seal to block noise as much, and the clarity from the audio were better too.
  9. I got in! Phew, first board was FQ-NS. I will post on WAMC? page. So many thanks to those that helped me on vertical reference and Reddit /ArmyAviation page. For the S2S'ers, when have you been projected?
  10. Kinda off topic, I assume students are given helmets/headsets? Are there options for ANR headsets that are compatible with the Army helmets?
  11. Yessir. I did speak with my recruiter Friday and he had no answers. He said he’d contact me at least by Wednesday. I’m being anxious/impatient right now
  12. I honestly don't think it's true. My recruiter called me yesterday to give me an update, and though he is not a Warrant Officer recruiter, he gave me no indication that would credit the claim on reddit. He said he spoke with his command earlier in the day and we should expect results mid week next week.
  13. Yeah I was just reading that too. I hope it’s just a troll trying to make out heads explode
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