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  1. I'm trying to make it in but idk if I'm gonna make the cut off. Just started my packet so might have to wait for January board
  2. I'm trying to track down thier contact info now. Either my computer and my phone are down or thier website is currently down
  3. Think I'm just gonna go and if they kick me out over something this small then so be it. It's the armys money wasted on the training not mine. Thanks for the help guys
  4. It doesn't matter if they arent wasted I am not allowed to kill an animal unless I actually need to eat it. Might sound dumb to you guys but I don't care I got a set of instructions I choose to live my life by. For instance I can't do a demonstration/training to kill one but if I'm in the field day 5 of no food and catch one I am able to kill and eat it. But trust me there is still a fairly good amount of killing going on over there, at least for artillery guys anyway
  5. I would have no problem killing one in a life or death scenario however I'm not gonna run across too many rabbits in Iraq. And I know how to make something dead I don't need to be taught that, it's a simple concept and a waste of a life. Also rangers do not go to sere I know this for fact. We got a ranger instructor in my unit currently. And as far as my goals I have 2, fly helicopters and kill bad guys. So I'm either gonna do them together or seperate lol. Thanks for the responses though guys, be safe out there!
  6. I'm currently an e6 artilleryman in the army looking to go into flight. My only issue is I cannot kill an animal due to religious reasons. People no problem, but an innocent animal I'm not allowed to do it. Is there any way around this at sere? If not I'm gonna take a ranger slot with the guard as an 11 series reclass and go-to a civilian flight school. Thank you.
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