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  1. Hello, I'm applying to Army WOFT with the hopes of flying UH-60s and starting to work with a recruiter, however I have a few twists in my application that aren't standard. I also need some guidance for my essay. I'm a Civil Air Patrol cadet, and I'll be a C/2dLt by the time I actually sign my contract. I've been in it for 5 years and have been super active, with both flight experience and emergency services experience from it. Would they be interested in hearing about that? Would they only be interested in a few things (e.g. Search and Rescue Find Ribbon, Disaster Relief Ribbon with a V, any performance based awards)? I graduated/dropped out/tested out of high school by getting my GED as a sophomore, and had crappy grades after I moved to a new high school (went to that high school for 3 semesters). However, I immediately started on my associates degree and have been doing pretty well (high B average). I'm majoring in criminal justice if that matters at all. The reason I'm getting into Army Aviation is because I got to fly in a UH-60 as a 13-year old cadet, and sat in the left gunner seat. Everything just clicked for me at that moment and I knew I wanted to fly them. I have a ton of FEMA training, and I'm planning to get my EMT-B before I sign my contract as well. Is there anything else anyone would recommend? Any glaring issues to resolve?
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