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  1. Awesome thanks for the quick replies! My reserve unit goes to the field in October so I'll be doing my waiver memo once they get back in November. Just seeing if anyone had known someone as small as I am who managed to get waived. I'm trying to figure out what's a reasonable expectation for this situation.
  2. Hello All, So I'm looking at submitting a flight packet next year for the May board and the only thing really concerning me at this point is my height... I'm 26, female and served 4.5 years active duty working as a 15P before getting out and going to school. My degree is in Aviation and Aerospace science with a concentration on being a flight officer. I'm currently working on my flight training on the civilian side but I've always wanted to fly for the Army. I have 2 W5s writing my LORs along with my flight instructor, but, all that doesn't mean much if I can't pass the physical. I stand proud and tall at 5'3 and I know I don't meet the regs for the height requirements. Does anyone know of anyone my size who's been granted the waiver and gotten into flight school? I'd hate to be DQd for something beyond my control. Cheers! -A
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