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  1. Anyone that has been through the flight physical AT Rucker within the past year care to elaborate what was done? Was it a full out class 1 starting from scratch or was it more of a verification of the initial one?
  2. For active duty we get an attrs email telling us our WOCS AND WOBC start date
  3. Anybody get class dates yet? It’s been 2 weeks since results came out.
  4. First board. Turned in for May board but recruiter hooked it up and put me on March board. AGE: 27 GT: 115 SIFT: 45 ACFT: 564 APFT: 273 EDUCATION: 90 college credits MILITARY: 13B SSG 8yrs TIS. Prior Service USMC 5 Yrs MOS 6317 Aircraft Communications/Navigation/Radar Systems Technician, F/A-18 LORS: O-3, O-5, CW4 WAIVERS: none, almost had to do a AFS but signed DA 61 2 weeks before 8 yr mark NCOERs: 2x MQ, 1xQ
  5. Would anybody be willing to share the way they wrote each military experience on the resume? For some reason I’m having trouble with this part. I even have the summary portion done before it. TIA
  6. Anyone know if the USAREC Form 3.1 (Results of Medical Examination) is supposed to get sent up with the flight physical to Rucker? My Physical came back approved but it didn’t have the USAREC 3.1 with it. I have the 2808 stamped and everything. Or is that something the local flight surgeon signs?
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